We are an educational project born from a unique fablab in the South of Portugal ( As a fablab, our main motivation for offering this course was to contribute to the dissemination of the 3D printing revolution through all the schools. Buinho currently coordinates an Erasmus consortium (PT01-KA121-SCH-000010598) dedicated to this mission.

By taking this course you will not only learn everything about 3D printing, but you will also take one 3D printer back to your school for free. Yes, we are adding the 3D printer to this cost without additional costs. You are just responsible for transporting it back to your home destination.


In the “Make your 3D printer” course, you will start with an individual Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer that you will assemble and customize with our help and training.

All the tools will be provided, we just ask the participants to bring a laptop as it will be needed for the software training.
The training will take you through the assembly of the machine, the initial testing, calibration, and debugging.

The courses are made in a fablab/makerspace environment, which means that the participants will be granted free access to other digital prototyping equipment like laser cutters or vinyl cutters, which can be helpful for the customization of the machines – Inside a fablab, the only limit is your imagination!

We will also spend some of our time learning how to 3D model for the classroom with the free software Tinkercad. Learning not only the basic operations but also some useful tips and examples that can be later used with your students. Participants will also be trained on how to use a free software called Cura.

With Cura, we will learn how to set the best parameters for your machine according to the requirements of your project. The last day of training will focus on providing assistance in individual projects and doubts, disassembling the machines, and preparing the 3D printers to fit in your luggage.

In Portugal, Buinho has been successfully teaching 3D printing to children from elementary to secondary school years, and we want to share some of our experiences with you. We have vast experience in teaching and capacitating teachers from different school years and with zero experience in these subjects. At the end of this course, the participant will learn how to assemble, disassemble, fix and upgrade an Ender 3 Pro, currently the most popular 3D printer in the world. We want to empower teachers and schools, enabling a course that also reinforces the school investment, besides capacitating teachers to effectively use 3D printing and 3D modeling inside the classroom. You are only required to bring your personal computer (laptop) and extra luggage to be able to take the 3D printer back to your school.

By taking this course within a fablab, participants will also have free access to one hour of online courses and tutorials prepared by Buinho and available in our e-learning platform. Finally, the course also includes a cultural program free for the participant, providing the opportunity to visit Portuguese landmarks and experience a bit of our Culture.

Target Groups – Elementary, Middle and Secondary School teachers

Duration of the course – Seven days

Total Cost of the Course – 560€

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Lisbon, Portugalija

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