Journey to 21st century Education - This is how the most innovative schools in the world

With the intention of documenting the most innovative learning techniques and of making the methodologies easy to apply in any school, the Spanish psychologist and researcher Alfredo Hernando travelled over a period of nine months through countries in five continents. The book’s aim is to be a practical guide and, as an answer to the common question: “What can I do in my school?”, it proposes 80 specific actions.

It is divided into 15 chapters which summarize the most important features of teaching and learning with inspirational examples, from Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and its practical application in different schools, by way of learning models such as project-based learning, design thinking, gamification, the most efficient measurement techniques, proposals to reorganize the learning space and timetables, blended learning models (face-to-face combined with e-learning), through to the review of success stories in the integration of the schools with their communities, opening the doors to allow families to form part of these learning communities.

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