VšĮ "Edukateka"

Žardininkų g. 1-57, Klaipėda, Lietuva

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PI “Edukateka” is an educational and scholarly institution, which functions in an informal child, youth and adult education programs.
PI “Edukateka” gives an ability for 3-18 year old children and young people to choose and spend their leisure time in a meaningful way, develop their creative abilities in English language, folk dance, IT, theater, and contemporary dance studios, develop skills of leadership and project activities in the Young Leader’s studio.
For young people (18+), we offer to participate in a folk dance group “Samborinis” activities and for children parents and others who like dance folk – in an adult folk dance group “Spacierius” activities. Members of the group are involved in the city’s and Republic celebrations, festivals and competitions.
PI “Edukateka” organizes seminars, lectures for education specialist and parents, as well as methodological days on relevant topics for them, participates and implements projects, including a social project for educational communities www.projektumuge.lt

PI “Edukateka” aims to help teachers to implement the ideas, which provide opportunities to improve their competences and forms of activities working with pupils.

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