Accreditted school looking for a partner for KA121Sch mobility project

Paskelbta: 29.06.2022

Hi! My high-school has been accredited to the new Erasmus+ format, so the objectives from and for which we have been given the accreditation are the following:

1. To improve the linguistic competence in foreign language of the students and teachers of our high-school.

2. To improve the digital competence of the students and teachers of our high-school.

3. To put new and competence-based methodologies such as AICLE, Project-Based learning, Cooperative learning and emotional education to improve the teaching-learning process.

4. To put into practice the values towards sustainability in the high-school and its surrounding.

5. To foster the internationalization of our high-school.

6. To keep working towards the inclusion of all the students and to value the difference in languages and culture.

We are a high-school in the North-East coast (45 minutes from Barcelona) of Spain and our high-school is formed by more than 600 students and more than 60 teachers. The center has previous experience in Comenius and Erasmus+ participation.

We urgently need partners as we have received the KA121Sch and we need to start in September. We want to do two mobilities with different partners of about 12-15 students each. Please, get in touch if interested!

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Institut Torredembarra (Patvirtinta „eTwinning“)
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Torredembarra, Ispanija

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Hello, We are interested in your Project. We are a private school located in Antalya - Turkey. We are a private school. Would like to be with you in the project. Hope we can work together. Look forward to hear from you.

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Hello from northern Greece! My school is located in a small city, 50 kilometers far from Thessaloniki, the largest harbor in northern Greece. It is a General education Upper Secondary School with approximately 450 students aged 15-18 years old and 35 teachers. We are interested in participating in Erasmus+ projects and we are open to suggestions either in hosting teachers for job shadowing (we hosted 3 teachers from Slovakia in May 2022) or in short-term student mobilities. We have a little experience in KA1 and KA229 Erasmus projects. We are not an accredited school (hoping that we will change that in the coming years) so if we work together, will our school also have funding so we can visit you? I could send you a more detailed profile of our school and any other information is needed

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Parašė Valerie Pobloth

Hi, I'm interested in your project. My school is in Berlin, Germany and the students are between 12-18 years old. I would like to set the focus on kids between the age of 12 - 15 years. How old are your kids? Are you still looking for partners? Please contact me: Best regards, Valerie

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Parašė Eve Boillot

Hola mi centro escolar está en el noreste de Francia (Nancy) con alumnos de 11 a 15 años. Tenemos la acreditación ERASMUS y estamos buscando un centro en España con el que intercambiar trabajos sobre el desarrollo sostenible y hacer movilidades. Si le interesa mi correo : Saludos, Eve BOILLOT

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Dear colleague, We are interested in your project. Our school is in San Giovanni Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy. We would like to be partners in an Erasmus Project involving students (aged 11-14) in mobilities. Our secondary school lower grade has German, Spanish and French as a second language. We are willing staff, open to different opportunities. Please contact me if you are interested in our partnership.

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Parašė Daniel Rauser

Dear colleague, we also received an Erasmus accreditation this school year and are looking for partners. We are a high school (Gymnasium) in Boeblingen, near Stuttgart in the southwest of Germany. Our students are between 11 and 18 years old. Is this age right for you? According to your homepage there are students of this age. We have different focal points in our school profile. We could e.g. For example, present a MINT project in combination with a language focus. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Greetings from Boeblingen Best regards! Daniel

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Parašė Sonia Dobre

Hello, My name is Sonia Dobre and I teach English at ”Henri Coanda” Theoretical Highschool in Craiova, Romania ( It is a complex unit, there are 1100 students from the primary school level to secondary and high school classes. It is the only highschool in the area with a very attractive offer for the upper secondary education: humanistic profile – philology and intensive English classes and scientific profile - mathematical-computer science and nature sciences. Our school has recently been awarded the Erasmus accreditation for school education and we are looking forward to collaborating with European schools. We are most willing to receive students and teachers! We would be interested in Student mobilities (groups of students aged 15-18). The topics for the students mobilities could be increasing intercultural awareness, more active participation in society, improving IT skills or developing social and emotional learning. Should you be interested in collaborating with our school, here is our contact details: Mail:

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Hi, we are interested in your project. We are a training organisation named Europerativa in Volos, in central Greece on the sea. We cooperate with few high schools in our area for KA1 and KA2 Erasmus projects. We could provide you with the best solution/high school active on the aspects of your project and with 24/7 support, safety and cultural activities during your group stay here. We are at your disposal for an online discussion any time convenient to you. Should you be interested in collaborating with us, here is our contact details: Mail:

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Hi! We are a school located in Braga (AE Real), Portugal. We would like to be one of your parteners. We would like know more about the project. Our students are between 12 and 14 years old. We will be glad and ready to receive you in our city, in our school. Please contact me if you are interested in our partnership.

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Institut Torredembarra
Institut Torredembarra


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