Vocational Training in the field of Agriculture and Greenhouse Agrosan Agriculture

Vocational Training in the field of Agriculture and Greenhouse
Agrosan Agriculture

It can be said that already one of the largest of its kind in the world, Turkey’s greenhouse sector is in a good position to capture further growth.
As it is stated in the report dated March 2014 by Republic of Turkey Prime MinistryInvestment Support and Promotion Agency, (page 19) (http://www.invest.gov.tr/en-US/infocenter/publications/Documents/FOOD.AND.AGRICULTURE.INDUSTRY.pdf)
Turkey is an important fruit and vegetable producer and leads trade of tomatoes in some regional markets.
Agrosan Agriculture in Sandıklı, Turkey where the vocational training will be organized has also been certified with current good agricultural practices. In Agrosan Agriculture, Products are grown purely natural and and depending on technological facilities and also are offered to the consumer in their freshest and most delicious forms.
Agros using the world's latest technology in the greenhouse sector, provides all the functions required for cultivating tomatoes with computer automation. Agrosan is well known both in the domestic market and also export due to its production facilities with the latest technology as well as the quality systems it uses.

At the end of a 15-day Vocational Training Programme at Agrosan Agriculture, your VET students will be able to;
- See the modern and contempary techniques in growing tomato in an environment friendly greenhouses,
- Observe the facilities to heat the greenhouses with jeothermal water,
- Experience the fully-computer based control systems in greenhouses sector,
- Get the key points in marketing greenhouse products,
- Learn about Government support policies pursued in the greenhouse industry in Turkey,
- Learn about the most practical and prosperous greenhouse heating systems used in Turkey and other countries.
In the concept of the vocational training in greenhouse sector in Turkey, the Anatolia Education and Consulting will organize trips to other greenhouse firms in Antalya becuase Antalya is one of the most important greenhouse region in Turkey. Especially Kumluca Vocational School of Akdeniz University will be visited and a two days inservice training will be organized on the current situation and the future expectations of the greenhouse sector in Turkey and in the World. During that inservice training, the students will have a chance to compare the greenhouse sector in the field of agriculture in their own country and in Turkey.
At the end of 15-day vocational training programme, a certificate of participation signed both the Vocational Centre –Agrosan- and Anatolia Education and Consultation will be given to the VET students and their teachers or leaders.
Each student will be asked to fill an observation sheet and write personal reports daily in order to check the quality of the vocational training programme designed by our centre. These observation sheets and reports will be feedback both for us and the participants.

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