Approaching Multicultural Issues - Prague, Czech Republic

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Approaching Multicultural Issues - Prague
KA101 course in Prague, Czech Republic
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Course Fee:
EUR 350,-/5 days grants till 2021
EUR 400,-/5 days grants from 2021
Our course fee is always in accordance with the official Erasmus+ project guidelines.
No additional admin fee or VAT tax charged

Course fee includes:
City guided tour
School visit
Course materials
Assistance with orientation in the city
Administrative support: Europass, Mobility agreement, Certificates, Invoices, Invitation letter for the course
Course materials
Catering during the course: Coffee, Cappuccino, tea, biscuits, water

Course Overview:
Today’ classroom is a crossroad, where learners from various cultures and different abilities meet. This course enables you to deal with 21st century classroom challenges and provides practical guide to teachers of all subjects and levels. Meet colleagues from different countries and be encouraged to create an inclusive, active and open educational environment with low stress level which is responsive to individual and community needs.

Course Methodology:
The course is based on “learning by doing” training through various collaborative and reflective activities. The content and fundamental information will be introduced through thematic modules within a group instructional setting. You will meet several tutors and gradually generate classroom-based strategies suitable for work in multicultural and mixed ability classes.

Module 1 – Facing challenges of culturally diverse and mixed ability classes
Module 2 – Streaming and tracking across the EU
Module 3 – Overcoming stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination
Module 4 – Approaching multicultural classes
Module 5 – Individual leaning styles, Gardner’s multiple intelligences
Module 6 – Differentiated instructions for Mixed ability and Special needs students
Module 7 – Developing reading and writing skills in culturally diverse and mixed ability classes
Module 8 – Developing effective communication skills
Module 9 – Raising cultural awareness through games
Module 10 – Adapting teaching materials, designing multicultural projects
Module 11 – Assessment of student’s skills
Module 12 – Use of ICT for raising cultural awareness
Module 13 – Individual projects and presentation
Guided City Tour

Learning outcomes:
-Gain techniques for working with heterogeneous and mixed ability classrooms, deal with increased diversity of learners, support inclusion of various minorities into mainstream education.
-Identify risk factors and different types of barriers, cultural biases, stereotypes and prejudice, increase synergies between education, research and apply innovative interventional activities.
ICT effectively.
-Generate ready‐to‐use materials and examples of good practice to support school or organisational development towards cross-cultural awareness through collaborative and active pedagogies.

General Course Information
Before the Course:
You will receive “ITC Guide Document” where you will find all the necessary information.
After the Course:
Course evaluation form
Course materials in electronical form / Other materials for self-study and dissemination of good practice.

Additional services in Prague:
Accommodation arrangement
Airport transfer to the hotel
Cultural activities
Trips to other European cities: Vienna, Dresden,…

This KA1 course also in Catania, Italy : in May and in November

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Prague, Repubblica Ceca

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