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A correct and qualitative management of a transnational mobility project implies knowledge, awareness and implementation of all the activities that assure the fulfillment of the Erasmus+ Programme’s rules and the requirements of the National Agency. First of all, a correct and qualitative management of a transnational mobility project implies complying with the Erasmus+ regulation and adhering the Agreement with the National Agency.

During the project implementation, any effort needs to be done in order to fulfill both the goals of the Erasmus+ Program and the project. Activities should be carried out according with what planned in the approved proposal. Project management not only includes operative planning and execution, according to each partner roles and responsibilities, but includes also the coordination the relationships among partners, participants and stakeholders.


The training course provides participants with the relevant skills useful to manage and implement European projects within Erasmus+ framework . During the course, participants will explore all the main aspects of the project management, best practice experiences and main challenges . Special attention will be paid to quality standard for each stageand effective communication with partners.

Essenia UETP throughout 30 years-long experience in the field of European projects,gain a longstanding experience in planning and managingEuropean mobility projects. For the quality of the services provided we have been awarded the VET Mobility Charter, a certification issued by the Italian National Agency.


The concept of Quality and the VET Mobility Charter
Quality procedures before Mobility
Quality procedures during Mobility
Quality procedures after Mobility
Free time activity included: visit to Amalfi-coast.
If a schedule-change is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will consider any participants request.

Essenia UETP is observing all the necessary public health measures in compliance with EU and Italian governments regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19. Our courses are thus transferred online in distance learning mode providing virtual mobility. We are preparing to resume in-class lessons, when the emergency will end. Tuition-fee and course duration change based on online course delivery method:

Online course Duration: 20 hours per 5 days, 4 hours per day, from Monday to Friday.

Online course Fee: € 350,00

Any updates will be immediately communicated on our channels and by e-mails to the participants.

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Essenia UETP
Salerno, Italia

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Essenia UETP
Essenia UETP
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