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Career guidance consists of a range of services that can help people successfully manage their career development and then find a job. In fact, professional development is the process through which the individual’s work identity emerges. This process can be quite difficult, that is why people can benefit from guidance. The aim of career guidance is to provide support to people during the job-search phase.

Essenia UETP, among other things, is specialized in offering career guidance services, especially for young people. Moreover, Essenia UETP is a partner of the Erasmus + KA2 project “Path 4 Career” that aims to find a solution for faster insertion of adults and achieving career goals by harmonizing the skills of graduates with those required by employers.


Through the use of different tools, the course will provide useful information to those who want to know the techniques to offer career guidance. Participants will learn how: develop a career plan; guide people to make valid decisions; learn how to write effective curriculum.


Key concepts: career consulting; career development; career management
Creating career planning and implementing career plans
Soft skills in career management
Intership as a tool to start a career
Free time activity included: visit to Amalfi-coast.
If a schedule-change is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will consider any participants request.

Essenia UETP is observing all the necessary public health measures in compliance with EU and Italian governments regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19. Our courses are thus transferred online in distance learning mode providing virtual mobility. We are preparing to resume in-class lessons, when the emergency will end. Tuition-fee and course duration change based on online course delivery method:

Online course Duration: 20 hours per 5 days, 4 hours per day, from Monday to Friday.

Online course Fee: € 350,00

Any updates will be immediately communicated on our channels and by e-mails to the participants.

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Essenia UETP
Salerno, Italia

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Essenia UETP
Essenia UETP
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