English for Educators and Admin. Staff – A1, Prague , Czech Republic

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English Level A1 in Prague, Czech Republic
KA101 course in Prague
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Course fee:
EUR 350,-/5 days grants till 2020
EUR 400,-/5 days grants from 2021
Our course fee is always in accordance with the official Erasmus+ project guidelines.
- no additional admin fee or VAT tax charged.

Course fee includes:
City guided tour
School visit
Assistance with orientation in the city
Administrative support: Europass, Mobility agreement, Certificates, Invoices, Invitation letter for the course
Course materials
Catering during the course: Coffee, Cappuccino, tea, biscuits, water

Course Overview:
This course is especially designed for teachers and administrative staff whose confidence in English language is low and who have had no or very little training in English (Level A1). This course not only gives you the basics of English but also introduces new teaching methodologies which you can apply to any subject of a school curriculum.

Course Methodology:
The course consists of different thematic modules, which will integrate several different styles of instructions and incorporate all four language skills. It is based on practical demonstrations, hands-on approach and active participation within a group where ability to use English as a tool for communication is stressed.

Module 01 – Basic phrases for everyday communication
Module 02 – Spelling
Module 03 – Numbers, dates, telling the time
Module 04 – Present simple, daily routines in different countries
Module 05 – Present continuous, describing pictures
Module 06 – In a shop, shopping, prices, goods
Module 07 – Can I have …? and I can … teaching grammar
Module 08 – Sports and games
Module 09 – Teaching pronunciation, articulation and intonation
Module 10 – Houses, furniture, households
Module 11 – Hobbies, free time activities
Module 12 – Festivals, holidays, traditions and their celebrations
Module 13 – Hotels, restaurants
Module 14 – Means of transport
Module 15 – The school, classroom
Module 16 – Past simple, irregular verbs, questions, negative
Module 17 – Individual projects and their presentation
Guided City Tour

Learning Outcomes:
-Improve English language skills at A1 level of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, widen professional vocabulary and promote EU’s broad linguistic diversity.
-Revise and strengthen professional profile and competences, build confidence in teaching subjects in English across the school curriculum.
-Gain techniques for working with heterogeneous and mixed ability classrooms, deal with increased language and cultural diversity of learners, with regards to inclusive approach.
-Generate ready‐to‐use materials and methods to support school or organisational development in the field of innovative and active pedagogies.
-Improve teachers’ mobility, re-ignite lifelong learning strategies, raise the attractiveness and prestige of the educational sector.
-Foster transparency, selection and induction of the best and most suitable candidates for the teaching profession.
-Meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, engage in cross-cultural learning experience, exchange ideas and build a network for future international cooperation.
-Gain broader understanding of practices, policies and systems of education of different countries, cultivate mutual respect, intercultural awareness and embed common educational and training values.

General Course Information
Before the Course:
You will receive “ITC Guide Document” where you will find all necessary information.
After the Course:
Course evaluation form
Course materials in electronical form / Other materials for self-study and dissemination of the techniques.

Additional services in Prague:
Accommodation arrangement
Airport transfer to the hotel
Cultural activities
Trips to other European cities: Vienna, Dresden,…

Join us in Prague for this KA1 course!

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