Approaching PBL practically

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The course will aim to explore the project-based learning classroom management approach. Participants will be supported in planning project works where this approach will be included and assess the results through rubrics.

Day 1: The Educational context
- Presentation of the course and participants
- Key competences and skill for the 21st Century: an interactive introduction
- Pre-Self-Assessment Activity
-The principles behind Project Based Learning, including inquiry-based and problem-based methods

Day 2: PBL Design
- How to Design Project-Based Learning Activities
- How to Develop Learners’ Collaborative Problem Solving Skills
- Learning Technology
- Teacher’s Experiences of using Project-Based Learning

Day 3: Asssessing Key Competences
- The three major approaches to student assessment (summative, formative and self-assessment)
- Innovative tools and approaches to measure students’ reasoning processes and ability to solve complex problems
- Rubrics and developmental progressions

Day 4: Learning Activity
- Laboratory of PBL: step-by-step process and guidance in writing your proposal
- Post-Self-Assessment Activity

Day 5:Conclusion
- Laboratory of PBL: presentation and analysis of projects
- Library
- Course evaluation
- Releasing of official course certifications

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Due to Coronavirus situation, the course could be online in 2021

Organizzatore del corso
Istituto Comprensivo Zippilli Noè Lucidi (Verificato eTwinning)
Teramo (TE), Italia

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01.02.2021 > 31.12.2022 (Confermato)
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Istituto Comprensivo Zippilli Noè Lucidi
Istituto Comprensivo Zippilli Noè Lucidi
Rating: 0/5


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