Maria Montessori's Method.

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The course can be of 5/6 days or 12/13 days on the base of participants needs. Also the accommodation system, meals can be decided on the base of the group and needs. IRIS price is more competitive of European country. In training time IRIS will organize visit in company and meeting in your sector for improve the real situation and have the best experience.
The idea behind the revolutionary Maria Montessori method is that the child should be left free to explore his world, with the certainty that there is an inscrutable impulse in him that drives him toward learning. In this sense, the child's curiosity is the real engine that, if left "turn" without interference, bring the child to develop to the full spectrum of their abilities and to conquer the world by force of his intelligence.
Day 1 - Introduction to the internship program
Day 2 - Definition and Emergence of Montessori Education Technique
Day 3 - Principles, Historical Adventure and Changes of Montessori Education Technique
Day 4 - Different forms of application of Montessori Education Technique
Day 5 - The different situations that Montessori Education Technique will create on children
Day 6 and 7 - Cultural Trips
Day 8 - Social and perceptual development in Montessori Education Technique
Day 9 - Guiding concept in Montessori Education Technique
Day 10 - Visits to institutions implementing the Montessori method
Day 11 - Question-and-answer meeting in Montessori institution
Day 12 - General evaluation and distribution of certifications
Day 13 and Day 14 - Preparing for return and cultural activities.
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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