Social Integration. Encourage School Inserting and Integration Social.

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The course of 5 days organized from Iris training Organization for teachers and staff school on the base of participants needs. In training time IRIS will organize visit in company and meeting in your sector for improve the real situation and have the best experience. It aims of the project to promote the educational integration of diversabili and foreign non-disabled students, by creating synergies between the social and empowerment forces. The relationship between the individual and the group, in the school context, confronts us with the problem of integration; the adaptation processes are reflected in the birth of a group structure, but also produce standards of conduct, ideas and values.
1. Day: Meeting with foreign partner and introduction of the institution
2nd . Day: Features of the Inclusion Class
3. . Day: Social and Social Acceptance, Recognizing and Recognizing Student Needs
4. . Day: Determining the needs of the learners based on the program, effective management and teaching techniques
Day 5: Observation activities in a different educational institution
During the training the class group will:
- Successful classroom management, Effective classroom management, Effective adaptations, Flexibility in teaching, Personnel support and cooperation
-Teamworkers to cooperate in cohesion
-: Collaboration among Experts, Collaborative Model with Collaborative Teaching Model, Peer Support Model- Collaborative Teaching Model, Peer Support Model
- Observation activities in a different educational institution
- Day: Cultural events
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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