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The course is about production of solutions to the problems of the students who has come to the country as immigrants or refugees. At this point, this course happens to be an Erasmus+ in service training which aims to observe European standards/studies to get a training about how to develop students’ sense of belonging and adaptation into society.
Since 2011, the migration wave that has covered Europe caused some problems on refugee students’education and rehabilitation. The country we are in is directly related to these problems which led to Middle Eastern migrants to be educated in our institutions since 2011. We -as a educators- are facing to face to these problems. Some of the most important ones of these issues are culture/language differences, adaptation of the students to the school/society, negative effects of war on these students.
Our experiences showed us the way to what is done about this problem in refugee-accepting-countries. The solutions made us ask the question; “How can we apply these solutions in our own education system and how can we raise people’s awarenes on these solutions?” And this is how we put our first step into the project.
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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