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Game; It is the time when the child finds himself when traveling between the inner world and the outer world. While the child is learning to vote, he also has the opportunity to express himself. The child, who can not express himself enough with language, reflects the events he has experienced in the game. A child who describes any part of his life through games and toys can sometimes play by repeating the same game when there are events that he can not solve.
In game therapy the child is integrated into play. Purpose of therapy; To help the child to feel emotionally good, to prevent the problems that may arise during his behavioral and cognitive processes and to help solve the negative events that he has experienced. At the same time, it is a technique used to learn the wishes of the problem children, unconscious fear and annoyance, and to get rid of behavioral disorders. In the game therapy, children aged 3-11 are working.

In the training of healthy individuals, play therapy has a very important place. We want to increase the quality of the institution in this frame, to learn different teaching methods and to carry out this project to raise healthy children.

In addition to gaining theoretical knowledge and skills related to Gaming Therapy, it is the main goal of our project to gain competence in using gaming therapy methods as a tool to intervene and to help the emotional troubles of children by teaching participants the practical parenting skills of their parents. In addition to this, the contribution of the staff to the language proficiency and personal development, the development of the European dimension, is another purpose of the project.
Each course can be programmed on the needs of teachers and schools.

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