Technology And Media In Education (7 days course in Tenerife)

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This course is aimed at those who want to improve their digital competences and learn how they can use technology to enhance learning. The course will focus on theoretical background and practical use of digital storytelling and building narratives as well as the opportunities for creating teaching and learning resources through media production and video editing actions.
More details about the course are available on the course webpage.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spagna

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12.11.2023 > 18.11.2023
07.01.2024 > 13.01.2024
28.04.2024 > 04.05.2024
16.06.2024 > 22.06.2024
03.11.2024 > 09.11.2024

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The course I attended was very interesting and far exceeded my expectations. The course schedule was well organized and the educator was very efficient. The mobility experience was great because it combined a wonderful destination with a very well organized course schedule.

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The course was on Technology and Media education. it offered opportunities to know new digital tools, discuss about their pedagogical use and practice through presenting assignments to participants. I am very satisfied with the experience.

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Technology and Media in education is a very engaging topic. This topic was directly relevant to my needs and I enjoyed the training. We were introduced to new digital tools and their pedagogical use in everyday practice. The trainer was well prepared and encouraging to all participants.

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