“On the shoulders of giants” (teacher training)

“On the Shoulders of Giants: Successful educational projects for socially inclusive education” is a voluntary teacher continuing professional development programme.
It is attended by a majority of early childhood, primary and secondary education teachers from the province of Valencia. This programme is also open to other educational community stakeholders, including parents, administrators and staff, university students, psychologists, and others. It is described as a “dialogical training space” where participants read and reflect on important social and educational matters that promote inclusive schools, with reference to international theoretical and scientific consensus and contributions.

The programme is based on a “dialogic teacher training” (DTT) methodology. It brings the collective voice of all of the involved stakeholders, and shares evidencebased analysis of effective educational practices. This kind of teacher training provides an opportunity for participants to work closely with schools’ realities. It is a way to bring together the international research community and educational practitioners.
From the school perspective, the dialogical training of teachers allows families and students to take a leading role in educational changes in schools, along with teachers, and to advocate for government action. The programme has grown from fewer than 3 schools to about 100, and from about 20 to 500 teachers. Teachers participate in solidarity networks. They share a vision of better education for all, and which includes all voices.
DPG is driving social and cultural change in Valencian education as it allows more communities to gain access to effective evidence-informed educational interventions. Moreover, it grants all children their right to the best possible learning opportunities, and promotes the values of friendship and solidarity -- a must in our society.

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