Starcevic Sqare 5, Virovitica, Croazia

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Pričalica is a non-government non-profit organization established in Virovitica in 2008 with the aim of encouraging, representing and researching drama and theatre education.

Activities by which we reach our goals are:

1. Research and representation of drama and theatre education as part of education for humanities.

2. Development of theory and practice which researches the interconnections of drama, theatre and education and implementation of positive practice.

3. Education of our members, formal and non-formal on all levels.

4. Education of non-members.

5. Care for respect and professional recognition of our members and authorship of their works.

6. Preservation of material and non-material cultural heritage.

7. Interaction in media and culture.

8. Development and support for civil society based on democracy, communication with respect and tolerance and friendly relationships.

9. Affirmation of non-professional individuals and groups and their artistic works.

10. Projects for encouraging children, youth and adults to think creatively and take an active part in society.

11. Projects to rise awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle and nature preservation.

12. Collaboration with healthcare and social welfare organizations on projects which deal with prevention of deviant behavior.

13. Volunteering actions and humanitarian work.

14. Radio, television and movie production.

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