Creating Ground CIC

Creating Ground CIC

5 Luke Street, London, Regno Unito

Creating Ground is a not for profit social enterprise promoting cultural awareness, understanding, mutual learning and sharing across different communities in London (mainly in the borough of Greenwich) through cross-cultural collaborative arts and educational projects.
Through the use of arts and community activities, people share their experiences, express their feelings and overcome difficulties tackling hot topics and issues reflecting, learning and bringing about change in their lives and communities.

Our aims are:
- To create a space where different people in different contexts and communities can share and utilize
their skills, knowledge, expertise and talents to realize their potential and create a better society
- To build community cohesion through the arts and education
- To utilize arts as an educational and therapeutic tool to improve individual and collective well-being
- To promote dialogue, cultural awareness and understanding among different cultures

We offer the following activities/services:
- Mobility and Exchange projects
- Cross-cultural drama projects and media projects
- School projects
- Professional training courses and workshops
- Language and cultural classes and workshops
- Craft projects
- Community Education and Development projects
- Talks on culture, identity, art and development issues
- Exhibitions, events and fairs to challenge stereotypes, pre-assumptions and false ideas about other cultures
- Concerts and performances to share and celebrate cultures and raise awareness on different topics.

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