Passerelles Info

Passerelles Info

3 rue Jean Varenne, Paris, Francia

Passerelles Info develops environmental, health and citizenship education programs in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Canada. It is managed by a board of directors of 10 members from the world of education and a 4 members team. Its annual resources are ...

We mobilize tens of thousands of teachers and their pupils around three programs: “Living with the Sun” (prevention of risks related to sun exposure), “Eating Well for My Health” (nutrition education) and “Reducing My Waste, Feeding the Earth” (promotion of waste sorting). On a voluntary basis, teachers and trainers benefit from free and turnkey educational resources and training.

Our methodology places the student at the heart of the learning process. Several scientific studies demonstrated the development of the beneficiaries' knowledge and skills and even behavioral improvements.

Our partners are institutional (Ministries of Education, regional directorates, regional health agencies, public institutes...) or from civil society (professional associations, WHO collaborating centers…).

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