Waste and recycling matters (E-P-D)

Pubblicato: 13.04.2020

As a vocational school with a grammar school department in which Spanish is taught as the second language, we are looking for international partners preferably from Portugal or Spain for an environmental project on matters of waste and recycling. We have formulated a KA2 application of Erasmus+ for the years 2020-22 (23 months). It is written in English.

In this project, after starting a research programme on waste and recycling in their native countries, the students visit their partner schools in order to get to know the ones of their foreign partners.
A handbook of waste and recycling will be elaborated.
Special emphasis will be laid on intercultural skills and learning from their peer groups. (Hablamos cristiano.)

The participating teachers prepare their students at home and accompany them to their partner schools. They are hosts for the partner schools when these study the foreign strategies.

Tipo di organizzazione cercata
Istruzione superiore; Scuola/Centro di formazione
Nazione dell'organizzazione cercata
Portogallo; Spagna
Priorità specifiche per l’educazione scolastica
Promozione di un approccio comprensivo all’insegnamento e all’apprendimento; Sviluppo di capacità per l’organizzazione e il riconoscimento dei periodi di apprendimento all’estero
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BBS Buchholz i.d. Nordheide (Verificato eTwinning)

Buchholz In Der Nordheide, Germania

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Postato da Hikmet Narin

Hello Mrs/Mr I m interested in your project. Our school is in Istanbul that offers general type education. Our students are aged between 14-19. We are open to innovative taechinng projects additionally cultural. We have enough experience for erasmus projects. Environmental issues are very common on the world, also its suitalbe for us Hikmet Narin Mail: hikmetnarin@windowslive.com Phone: +90 506 345 9096

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Postato da orhan erdoğan

Hello, We would be glad to join the project if you consider a school from Turkey. The area where we live has a lot of geothermal power plants classified as a clean and sustainable energy. Besides, we have a relatively big recycling factory which produces paper from waste. We can also plan activities on the conservation of local seed to pretect the biodiversity. Here are some of the ideas and activities we might possibly offer you during the mobilities: • Visits to local farmers to see organic and natural food, The city is famous for its natural virgin olive oil, figs since ancient times. • Motivate students to use our regional food and pruducts, • Arranging interviews and visits to recycling centers, •Visits to drinking water bottling plant, • Transforming recycled materials into inspring art forms to raise an awreness on environmental problems, • Making trash sculpures, • Visits to geothermal power plants and solar panel factory, • Conserving local seeds in oder to protect biological diversity and prevent the extinction of plant species, •Exploring national natural reserve parks • Visits to some important historical places like Ephesos, Didyma, Hierapolis, The House of Virgin Mary, Nysa etc, We can contribute to the dissemination of the project creating webpages, blogs, etwinning, twinspace, posters, videos, animation, surveys, etc. We are a reliable and hardworking team of teachers who are open to suggestions or any innovative ideas. Our school is in Nazilli in the west of Turkey. It is very close to natural and historical places, beautiful beaches and famous tourist atractions like Kuşadası, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Hierapolis (Pamukkale), Nysa the birthplace Dianysos. If you think our profile covers your expectation, we are ready for a prospereous cooperation. orhanerdogan68@yahoo.com

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BBS Buchholz i.d. Nordheide
BBS Buchholz i.d. Nordheide


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