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Pubblicato: 28.06.2019

Aim: To prevent urbanization and inhence the spirit of entrepreneurship by introducing the alternative job opportunities in the country to the youth.
Since cities are getting more and more crowded day by day, the life in a city is becoming more and more difficult these days. One of the most fundamental reasons of this is that people ,especially young people, focus mostly on industry and technology and look for a proper job in big cities and ignore the opportunities in the country .
In this project we aim to introduce a few samples of earning their lives by settin up their own business and staying away from the hectic city life and living in the peaceful life of rural areas .
During the Project we will divide students in to three groups. Each group will first get theoretical information about beekeeping, gardening, and mushroom cultivation for a day. Then they will practise each of the jobs to see if they can do them or not and which one of the jobs is suitable for their abilities and characteristic features.

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Postato da Musa Bağcı

Proje gerçek yaşam şartlarına alıtırma ve hazır hale getirme açısından çok önemli görünüyor

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Postato da Teodora Grapan

I would like to get involved. We are a school in Romania, from the rural area. The students are eager to participate in such a project. My email address is: teodora_grapan@yahoo.com

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