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1. School governance
    1.1. School culture and climate
    1.2. School planning and monitoring
    1.3. School management
    1.4. Cooperation within the education system

2. Teachers
    2.1. Teacher skills and competences
    2.2. Teachers and their relationships with pupils and parents
    2.3. Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development of teachers
    2.4. Well-being of teachers

3. Support to learners
    3.1. Well-being of learners
    3.2. Learners' participation in school life
    3.3. Career guidance and support
    3.4. Curriculum and learning paths
    3.5. Learning and assessment
    3.6. Extended and extra-curricular learning
    3.7. Monitoring learners at risk
    3.8. Targeted support: Language
    3.9. Targeted support: Migrants, Roma
    3.10. Targeted support: Special educational needs and learning difficulties
    3.11. Targeted support: Disadvantaged socio-economic background

4. Parental involvement
    4.1. Communication and information
    4.2. Parents' involvement in school governance
    4.3. Spaces for parents and involvement in educational activities
    4.4. Family learning

5. Stakeholders involvement 
    5.1. Multidisciplinary teams
    5.2. Stakeholders' networks
    5.3. Partnerships: Employers and businesses
    5.4. Partnerships: Community organisations and civic society