New Ways of Learning in Cyprus – iPads and Tablets in action

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Tablets and digital tools are changing todays classrooms, the way teachers teach and how students learn. Have you ever wondered how and if this change is really happening? Then this structured training is just right for you. This brand-new course offer takes you right into one of those innovative schools that have decided to introduce iPads into their education system. In the inspiring environment of “The Heritage private school” near Limassol you will spend one week full of hands-on experience in the use of Tablets in primary and lower secondary education, see iPads in action and talk to experienced teachers and trainers. Heritage school 2 years ago took on a rigorous 1:1 approach. Giving every child it´s own Tablet allows for greater differentiation and a more personalized and active learning experience. We will also take you on a one-day trip to Nicosia to visit a public tablet school with a focus on Android Tablets.
You will further learn practical apps and tools to make teaching more activating, more visual and inclusive, in order to help your learners prepare themselves for the future in the best way possible. More specifically, you will learn how to use digital devices for supporting group work, self-presentation and creating your own learning material and digital assessments.


Become (more) confident in using tablets for teaching
Gain inspiring ideas and approaches from practical school examples New technologies, apps and online tools to activate your learners
Content creation apps that will get your learners productive
Tools to create interactive quizzes and assessments
Paperless classroom solutions that can make you life easier and your teaching more engaging
Tips and tricks in tablet usage
Virtual and Augmented Reality apps that will blow your mind


An iPad (but you can also lend one from us)
An open mind to learn and have some fun!
The will to learn from each other


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atempo/ IncluEdu
Limassol, Ciprus

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Részvételének időpontja: 20.10.2019 - 25.10.2019

This was amazing week in Cyprus Limassol: I’ve learned so much how to use tablets in classroom, a lot of usefull things, Apps, ideas how to organize classroom, and new ways of teaching with use of new technology. Location and facilities were great, Thomas from Atempo really tried hard, to show us a lot of new interesting things, with a lot of passion, very clearly explained, and with a lot of practical examples. We visited two schools, to see how others use ipads and tablets in classroom. One private and one public. We got a lot of ideas and had a chance to talk wit other teachers. We had a lot of fun. Highly recommend. Thanks Thomas and Atempo again.

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 20.10.2019 - 25.10.2019

# Rohkeus käyttää iPadia # Uusia äppejä joiden olemassa olosta ei ollut tietoakaan. # Nähdä kouluja joissa on siirrytty rohkeasti käyttämään iPadeja opetuksessa # Nähdä mihin kaikkeen iPadi ja äpit taipuvat. # Tavata kollegoita ympäri Eurooppaa ja jakaa heidän kanssaan ajatuksia koskien opetusta, eri kulttuureja, tapoja, kaikkea elämiseen liittyvä. # Huomata mitä kaikkea on mahdollista tehdä ja mitä pitäisi ryhtyä tekemään omassa työssä sekä Sakky organisaatiossa että en/emme jää kehityksessä jälkeen. Summa summarum, UPEA KOKEMUS ja toivon todella että saan jatkaa itseni kouluttamista ja olla sitä kautta edellä käviäjä työyhteisössäni ja erityisesti erityisopetuksessa.

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 28.10.2018 - 02.11.2018

The course was very well structured. It took place in the school where we had a lot of opportunities to observe classes. We got plenty of tips on how to plan, use and evaluate teaching and learning using iPads. The visit to a public school in Nicosia was another source of hands-on activities which can be done straight away. I recommend this course wholeheartedly.

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)


atempo/ IncluEdu
atempo/ IncluEdu
Rating: 5/533 felhasználó


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