Prevention of Violence: say NO to bullying and child abuse

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Primary prevention plays a very important role in ensuring safe and encouraging environment for children to develop their potentials. Strengthening values of non-violence and developing skills for dealing with violence and child abuse should be our priorities. Children spend a lot of their valuable time in kindergartens and schools. With primary prevention we can build protective factors in educational organisations. We can help them to stay safe and prevent harmful effects of violence and abuse, ensure healthy personal development and raise the quality of their lives. Effective primary prevention against violence is often listed as one of important factors for preventing early school leaving.

The course will equip participants with knowledge and skills for primary prevention against violence and child abuse. Participants will get familiar with different types of violence and child abuse. They will learn how to properly respond and address these issues. The focus of the seminar will be primary prevention with concrete information how to introduce topics of violence and child abuse in a positive and developmentally appropriate way to children. Children will learn how to adequately tackle unpleasant and possibly dangerous situations and be "safe, strong and free". The primary prevention programme CAP will be presented with its concept of basic safety rights for children and self-protective strategies and skills.


Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.

DAY 2 and 3
- Icebreakers, introduction to the course
- Introduction to the problem of violence and child abuse.
- Introduction to primary prevention programme for kindergartens, preschools and primary schools (CAP programme).
- Work in pairs and small groups for understanding the following characteristics: types of violence (bullying, domestic violence, child neglect, sexual abuse…), dynamic of violence, symptoms and consequences of violence and child abuse.
- Learning how to respond to the disclosure of violence/child abuse and how to offer help to child-victim of violence /abuse.

- Full day study visit to Slovenian school that is an example of good practice in the field of primary prevention and implementation of primary prevention programmes CAP (Child Assault Prevention).

- Implementation of primary prevention programmes in kindergarten, preschool and primary school.
- Practicing opening communication with a child in distress.
- Leading role-play workshops for teachers and parents.
- Offering supportive communication and suitable protection to children in distress.

- Strengthening protective factors of teachers - taking care of ourselves.
- Raising awareness of needs, listening to ourselves and practicing different self-care strategies.
- Key learning points, concluding remarks, feedback to the trainer using creativity technique.

- Planning follow up activities, dissemination and implementation of learning outcomes.
- Discussing possibilities for future cooperation among participants.

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