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Our learners grow up in an increasingly global and digital society.
In this course you will get to know practical tools to make your teaching more activating, more visual and inclusive in order to help your learners prepare themselves for the future.
You will learn how to use digital devices for supporting group work, self-presentation and creating your own learning material and digital assessments. There will be time to get to know teachers from all over Europe and to visit an Austrian school.
The course venue is a lovely old villa with a wonderful park.

•Become (more) confident to use tablets in your teaching
•How to use new technology, apps and online tools to activate your learner
•Get ideas and tools how to provide more personalised learning using tablets to fit your learners needs
•How tablets can be used in the subjects that you teach
•See other practical European examples of how tablets are successfully used in (inclusive) education with tablets

•An iPad or Android tablet (but you can also lend one from us)
•An open mind to learn and have some fun!
•The will to learn from each other


Please contact us directly at There are sometimes problems with contacting us via the platform.

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atempo/ IncluEdu
Graz, Ausztria

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Részvételének időpontja: 10.02.2019 - 15.02.2019

Excellent course (10.02.2019>15.02.2019), and wonderful place. Very kind staff. Wonderful experience with Eramus+. They had visits to secondary schools and conferences from differents people, and workshop from the mentally handicapped in this worderful program. I learned a lot of useful apps and tools which I can use with students, and I'm very happy to have met these people. In the other hand, it was a bit difficult to close the course because it is a country with little offer of courses, and they need at least 4 learning people to pull ahead. If you use apps in class firstly ask for the program, maybe it isn't your course. Pay attention to your estimate cost, because from Spain it surpass the forecast. Thanks to Karl, Thomas and other staff. Raul

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 25.11.2018 - 30.11.2018

The course was really above my expectations. Working in a small group, changing workshops, lecturing on the Finnish education system, visiting elementary and high school ... you left satisfaction, positive feelings of tiredness and inspired me to further education through the proposed web applications. I thank the instructors because they were kind, entertaining and motivated to work and proved how the learning process itself can be fun!

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 11.02.2018 - 16.02.2018

This course was great experience for me !I found a lot of useful tools for school and teaching in my class . I met amazing professors -Karl and Thomas and this course was really a great organisation.

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 11.02.2018 - 16.02.2018

This is an excellent course. I learned a lot of useful apps and tools which I can use with students.

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 09.07.2017 - 14.07.2017

This was an excellent course, extremely well presented and the location fantastic. Our teachers found it really useful

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 09.07.2017 - 14.07.2017

I had a wonderful stay in Graz, Austria. We had a nice group and wonderful teachers! The course was well organized. I highly recommend a course at Atempo!

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)

Részvételének időpontja: 29.01.2017 - 03.02.2017

Participants really liked this course and gained lots of new ideas.

Fordítás (Csak regisztrált felhasználóknak)


atempo/ IncluEdu
atempo/ IncluEdu
Rating: 5/533 felhasználó


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