Looking for partners interested in the prevention of social determinism at school.

Objavljeno: 26.11.2021

Looking for partners interested in the prevention of social determinism at school.

Our idea is to create an object - a toolkit for the school community in order to help define a policy and/or actions.

The goal is to give all actors at school,  easy-to-use, well-designed tools and creative methods to enroll  in this issue.

We plan to ask for a KA2.

We are an organization named "Réseau Canopé" dealing with teacher-training on the account of the French Ministry of Education. 

Our project is led by 'Réseau Canopé's local direction based in the Auvernne Rhone alpes Region.
(Réseau Canopé is an unified structure which main office is situated in Chasseneuil du Poitou, The organisation totalizes 12 local directions).

Each partner will take part in the elaboration of an object - a toolkit for the school community in order to help define a policy and/or actions to struggle against any determinism.

The goal of our "product" is to give all actors at school,  easy-to-use, well-designed tools and creative methods to enroll  in this issue.

Vrsta pretražene organizacije
Državna ustanova; Neprofitna organizacija; Visoko obrazovanje; Škola/Centar za osposobljavanje
Zemlja pretražene organizacije
Albanija; Alžir; Armenija; Austrija; Azerbajdžan; Belgija; Bjelorusija; Bosna i Hercegovina; Bugarska; Cipar; Crna Gora; Danska; Egipat; Estonija; Finska; Francuska; Gruzija; Grčka; Hrvatska; Irska; Island; Italija; Izrael; Jordan; Kosovo; Latvija; Liban; Libijska Arapska Džamahirija; Lichtenstein; Litva; Luksemburg; Malta; Maroko; Mađarska; Nizozemska; Njemačka; Norveška; Poljska; Portugal; Republika Moldavija; Rumunjska; Ruska Federacija; Sirijska Arapska Republika; Sjeverna Makedonija; Slovačka; Slovenija; Srbija; Tunis; Turska; Ukrajina; Češka; Španjolska; Švedska
Specifični prioriteti na terenu u području školskog obrazovanja
Jačanje profila nastavnih struka; Rješavanje problema ranog napuštanja školovanja i nepovoljnog položaja
20.11.2021 » 01.03.2022
National Support Organisation - France (eTwinning potvrđen)
Škola/Centar za osposobljavanje
Futuroscope, Francuska

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Postavio Semra Ayata

Hello, we are a high school in Turkey, we are interested in your project. semraayata@gmail.com

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Postavio Simona De Tullio

Hello we are a no profit organization based in Bari, south Italy. We work on performing arts, dance first of all, as tools to promote projects about inclusion, education and international networks. We are interested in your project simonadetullio@libero.it

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Postavio silvia belicchi

hi, we are a high school in Rome and we are centre for inclusion in our area. we are interested in your project to implement our knowledges about strategic education and disadvanteges people.Contact me for information at blixi57@gmail.com

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Postavio DAN HERA

Hi! My name is Dan and I’m the Coordinator of the Educational Projects of the school I am teaching in. My school is a secondary school in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and the sixth largest city in the EU. I found your proposal on the eTwinning forum as very interesting. It looks like a great opportunity for a successful project, with a very actual subject. So, perhaps you will consider the contribution of a hard-working partner from Romania to this success, As you have a lot of experience and we have implemented some projects on related subjects, I am sure we may share together some excellent best practice examples developed in the past and an a lot of acquired knowledge. We consider the participation in an Erasmus+ Partnership as being a great opportunity for both students and teachers. We have almost 600 students, and we are capable to involve in the project students of any age needed, between 12 and 19 years old. We have a broader range of specialties, like theoretical (natural sciences, social sciences), technology (mechanics, mechatronics) and vocational (football). Up to now we have involved in our European project students from all these classes and we were always very satisfied by their enthusiastic work and friendly attitude. In the last 11 years we have gained a strong experience (both as partner and coordinator) in Erasmus+ partnerships (and Comenius until 2014), which means a lot of wonderful memories, a lot of friends and a lot of things learnt. You can transform this experience and the contribution of our hard working team in some very helpful assets for your project! I am looking forward to give you more information on my school and even to be helpful in the writing process in case you would like to. My email address is heradan@gmail.com

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Hi, we are Europerativa (Greece), a non-profit organization works in EACEA / KA1 and KA2 Erasmus+ projects on Social inclusion, Promotion of European values, Civic engagement and Digital education and use of digital tools. Extensive experience in Elaboration of proposals, project management and actively support throughout the project's lifecycle by systematically designing, coordinating and implementing its various elements, administrative and financial management, knowledge in communication, diffusion and exploitation of European innovation projects results. Project management experience on various projects of our partners on social inclusion of migrants and other marginal social groups; enhance the social and creative abilities and skills of vulnerable individuals, stimulate adults' awareness of the importance of maintaining a regular daily routine in order to preserve a good level of psycho-physical health, development of specific tools for the assessment and acquisition of psychosocial skills and competencies in emerging psychosocial occupational risks. Technical background on IT solutions, Computer Network, Programming and Organizational experience on international meetings and events. https://europerativa.netlify.app Do not hesitate to contact us for updated full info of our activities. Kind Regards Theodore Karayannis Angelos Schoinas Chemist Ph.D. Economist, M.Sc on Political & Economic thkarayan@gmail.com Philosophy

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Hi , We are a secondary and a vet school with the students aged between 14 and 18 in Sinop which is located by the Black Sea coast in Turkey. We are interested in participating your project and starting a new partnership .We have some experience in Erasmus projects both Ka1 and Ka2 projects. If you need a partner from Turkey, we would be happy to collaborate with you. My e mail is nurayyilcev@hotmail.com Kind regards, Nuray

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Postavio Ayla Kuşçu

Hello! I'm Ayla. I'm an English Teacher in Servetiye Cephesi Project High School in Kocaeli, Turkey which is one of the best high schools in Turkey. Students are admitted to our school by their high school entrance exam results. As we are project high school, which was named by Ministry of Education, therefore we never stop but we always look for new events, projects, activities... etc. Our school is located very near to Istanbul. "Everything starts with dreaming in Servetiye Cephesi Anadolu Lisesi" , this is our motto. Our school has a warm atmosphere where students pleased, study willingly and enjoy being a member of it. Our vision is to acquire real citizens for the solidarity of the whole world. We are looking for opportunity to be a partner E+ KA2 projects. We liked your project so much and we think we can do good work together. We would like to work with you. We are looking forward to contributing to Your Project. https://servetiyecephesianadolulisesi.meb.k12.tr/ kuscuayla2021@gmail.com

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National Support Organisation - France
National Support Organisation - France


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