PARTNERS FOR PROJECT KA122 - “Environmental School Patrol - Improving our Planet”

Objavljeno: 14.11.2021

Our center has been selected to carry out a KA122 project called “Environmental School Patrol - Improving our Planet” with students from 12 to 16 years old. Project duration 18 months.
We are looking for partners that are active in promoting the protection of the environment and that wish to share their experiences with us during the execution of the project. During the project we plan to do mobilities between participating countries, that allow us to meet and exchange ways of working, points of view and actions related to the environment.

ur goals are:
- We want to make students aware of environmental and climate-change challenges by sharing and comparing ideas with foreign students who have previous experience in this type of environmental actions.
- To make students be more active and creative by taking real actions to promote change such as: creation of green school areas, use of recycled materials, waste reduction and vegetable growing.
- We want to improve de interpersonal, intercultural, social and civic competences of our students through extra-curricular activities as well as to recognize voluntary and community work at school.

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Škola/Centar za osposobljavanje
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Austrija; Belgija; Danska; Francuska; Grčka; Irska; Italija; Mađarska; Nizozemska; Njemačka; Portugal; Češka
Specifični prioriteti na terenu u području školskog obrazovanja
Jačanje razvoja ključnih kompetencija; Povećavanje razina dostignuća i interesa za znanost, tehnologiju, inženjerstvo i matematiku (STEM)
01.09.2021 » 28.02.2023
COLEGIO JUAN XXIII (eTwinning potvrđen)
Škola/Centar za osposobljavanje
Burjassot, Španjolska

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Postavio silvia belicchi

hallo we are an high school in Rome and we are interested in this project. we have great experience in e-twinning and erasmus + climate change.Could you contact me at silvia

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Postavio Concetta Calvo

Hi there! We are a secondary school in Sicily and we are interested in your topic. We gained a long experience in Erasmus projects AK1 and Ak2. Just in case contact me at:

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Postavio Sara Dionisi

Hello I'm Sara Dionisi a teacher of English and the referent for the Erasmus project in my school, that is in Montefiascone (VT), not far from Rome, in the centre of Italy. We are interested in your project and we would be enthusiastic to work with you. Our school is a comprehensive school and I teach English to 11-14 year-old children. It you want to contact me my email address is

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Postavio Maria Permekerli

Hello, We are a secondary school in Sindos, a suburb of Thessaloniki, which is the second biggest city in Greece. We are not really experienced in Erasmus+ programs, but our students are eager to learn, really hard-working and excited about collaborating with fellow students from different countries! If interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact me in Best regards, Maria

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Postavio Meltem MUTLU

Dear Colleague, I'm Meltem from Istanbul, Turkey.I'm an English teacher at a a foreign language based high school in Istanbul.Our school is one of the most prestigous high school in Istanbul.It was opened in 2018 but we have so many achievents in various fields. It is located in the European part of IStanbul. It is close to famous historical and modern parts of ıstanbul.I have experienced with Comenius projects. Both as a person and as a teacher Iam so responsible and reliable. You can work with me and my group easily. When you ask or want something about project, you can take quick answers from us. Besides, our students' capabilities in the projects are remarkably high. They can take responsibilities and they try to do their best.Moreover their level of English is B2-C1.Also, we have an ongoing Etwinning Project. If we can be a partner of your project, it will be the 1st project of our school but 2nd of mine. If you want to work with us, please contact with me.. Kind regards, MELTEM email:

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Dear colleagues We are an Italian Secondary school with about 1000 students and 120 teachers, near Naples, south of Italy. We are working in an Erasmus+ project with Austria at the moment and we have already taken part into eTwinning projects. We have been working on climate change for years and we have just finished an important project on plastic pollution sponsored by the European Community. We would be very happy to join your project. Please contact me at: Kind regards Ester

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Postavio Ayla Kuşçu

Hello! I'm Ayla. I'm an English Teacher in Servetiye Cephesi Project High School in Kocaeli, Turkey which is one of the best high schools in Turkey. Students are admitted to our school by their high school entrance exam results. As we are project high school, which was named by Ministry of Education, therefore we never stop but we always look for new events, projects, activities... etc. Our school is located very near to Istanbul. "Everything starts with dreaming in Servetiye Cephesi Anadolu Lisesi" , this is our motto. Our school has a warm atmosphere where students pleased, study willingly and enjoy being a member of it. Our vision is to acquire real citizens for the solidarity of the whole world. We are looking for opportunity to be a partner E+ KA2 projects. We liked your project so much and we think we can do good work together. We would like to work with you. We are looking forward to contributing to Your Project. For contact:

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Dear colleagues, we are writing to you from a secondary school of Korydallos (Korydallos is a district of Athens , 5km from the centre and 300m from the subway station). Our school is equipped with modern facilities and with small green areas. Our 280 students ,aged between 12 and 15, are all environmentally conscious and willing to offer voluntary work. We have undertaken in the past various environmental projects concerning the climate change , the circular economy and the green development model. The 32 teachers of our school have experience in school projects about the use of recyclable materials, the reduction of microplastics in the Mediterranean and the ecological waste management. We are interested in the project you have undertaken and we would be grateful to collaborate with you. Our e-mail address : Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!!!! Warmest regards Despina Kourneta

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