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Hello ,
I'm Gemma and I teach in a lower secondary school in Aversa near Caserta and Naples , in the south of Italy. Aversa is an ancient city founded by Normans in about 1022 so, in next years, we will celebrate one thousand years since its birth. Aversa is also the city of 100 churches and it is very closed to Caserta Royal Palace and Naples Royal Palace of Bourbons Monarchy .
Our school is almost big , It is composed by 4 buildings : 2 for pre- elementary school, 1 for primary school and 1 for lower secondary school. Our students are from 4-13 aged. In our school there are musical laboratories ; our students play piano, violin, oboe and flaute. There are also two technological laboratories and a big art space. In our classroom there are computers and interactive multimedia whiteboards. Some colleagues already work with new technological approaches but I think it is always a plus to have new opportunities and share experiences.
Till now I have worked with eTwinning projects and this is the first time for our school to approach to Erasmus project but, we would be very happy to start a strategic partnership in KA229 with some schools located in other cities founded by Normans
Our website is:

Let me know if you are interested in this project. If you are not available in coordinating the project don't worry , please let me know if we can work together.
Thank you in advance
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ICS "D. Cimarosa" di Aversa (eTwinning potvrđen)

Aversa (Ce), Italija

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Hello! We would like to apply to be a strategic partner in your Erasmus + project. We would like your help with the matter. The target age of our students is between 3 to 15 . Our school community is composed by students from different social groups and ethnic minorities . My name is Lazar Ildiko and I am a teacher at school Apaczai Csere Janos- Apata, Brasov county –Romania . We would be happy to take your project Erasmus+ partners.

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Postavio emrah durmaz

Hi, with the help of experiences of latest comenius and erasmus plus projects, we are thinking of appliying for a KA229 project that is written in Turkish and continues on etwinning platform from 2014 with lots of partners. That's why it has more chance being approved. One of the partners needs to be participated in etwinning projects and has a quality label and the others will be unexperienced with erasmus project. We will support them. For more details and take part of our project, please contact with me on email:

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Postavio mehdi ozaydın

Hello. We are a secondary school (10-14 year) in the city center of Bursa. Bursa is a nice city which is the fourth biggest city of the country. Bursa is in the north-west of Turkey where people come for its natural geographic beauties. Bursa is famous for its skii centers and winter holiday. We are a state school. We are looking for a partnership for a project about students with speacial needs. We have special needs education programme with 8 teachers and 38 students with mental deficiency. For further information, you can contact me "" Mehdi ÖZAYDIN, Assistant Principal.

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Postavio mehmet özdemir

Hi! We are a school inAnkara, TurkeyWe are a hard-working, enthusiastic, experienced and reliable partner.Your project is really interesting to us, we have some experience on this topic in so far as we: • are both a technical school whose characterizing study subjects, depending on the course, are ICT, metalworks, carpenter tech., plumping tech.Manufacturing and electric -electronics whose curriculum emphasises the link between the humanistic tradition and scientific culture • plan school-work experiences for our students even abroad . already have a project at school We want to learn much more through the exchange of good practises. Our students are 7-18 years old and we are interested in students&staff mobility (KA2). If you want to cooperate with us, here we are! You can write at Mehmet OZDEMIR ,, contact person

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Postavio Georgios Nastos

Hello. My name is Nastos Georgios and I am a principal and a teacher at Anavra Agia Larissa Elementary School. I am interested in Erasmus programs related to teacher mobility in European countries with environmental issues as well as school finances. My email is of my school is Thanks.

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Postavio Angéla Bodnár

Hello! My name is Angela Bodnar, I am the contact person of Tyukodi Csodák Világa Óvoda ( in English : World of Wonders Nursery School in Tyukod) in Hungary ). We are going to take part in a KA229 project from 1. September 2020. We would like to be your partner if you think so and cooperate with you. Tyukod is a small village in the north-eastern part of Hungary near the border of Ukraine and Romania. The Nursery School here has got about 80 children aged 3-6 and the nursery school teachers ( 6 persons ) would like to visit your institute to get experiences from your good practise, to get acquanted with your educational system, your culture, your traditions and everything regarding to your every day activities at your nursery school or primary school. At the nursery school in Tyukod teachers try to keep the traditions alive (folk dance, folk music, traditional activities from the past) and take care of environmental awareness, so they try to teach their children in the spirituality of these aims. Please contact me : ( The first address is mine, it would be better to use, but the other one is also OK – it is the Nursery’s )

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ICS "D. Cimarosa" di Aversa


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