Old and new Europe - culture as a key to understand social and political transformations

We are looking for a partner for our project KA2 - new methods in teaching culture.
Project is addressed to pupils aged 12-15 (primary or middle school) from Poland, Portugal and Italy and teachers of different subjects: arts, languages, history, literature.
The aim of the project is to encourage pupils to take interest into arts, towards presenting works of art as a result of concrete historical and political context.
The project has started on September and is planned for 3 years, during which we are going to work at schools at local level, organize workshops for teachers and artistic camps for pupils.

We are searching a partner in Portugal (near Oeiras/ Lisbon) or in Italy (near Folignano - Marche, province Ascoli Piceno) who would support school and teachers in project activities, towards offering them extra-school activities, visits, meetings with artists or experts.
During the project we are going to organize workshops for teachers/ animators and for pupils, in all participant countries.
Representatives of all participant organizations will take part in mobility actions.

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Državna ustanova; Neprofitna organizacija; Visoko obrazovanje
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Italija; Portugal
Specifični prioriteti na terenu u području školskog obrazovanja
Jačanje profila nastavnih struka
01.10.2019 » 31.08.2020
Centrum Polsko-Francuskie Cotes d Armor-Warmia i Mazury w Olsztynie
Olsztyn, Poljska

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Postavio Paola Bertocchi

Dear colleagues, Are you still looking for partners? Your proposal sounds interesting..... I teach English in a secondary school in the North of Italy near Milan, and have some experience in Erasmus plus KA2, I would like to know something more about your proposal, could you please illustrate your plans with some details, we could be able to arrange something worth doing... Have you already found other partners? You wrote you started in September, but when are you going to send the application form? Thank you in advance, kind regards Paola Bertocchi

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Postavio Monika Być

Dear Paola, thank you for your interest. I'm affraid it would be difficult to join you to this project, because our first Italian school is located in Folignano, and it's so far away from you :( We are looking for a partner more or less in the same region, in order to be able to work together. Kind regards, Monika

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Postavio Paola Bertocchi

It’a pity...... anyway thank your answer. Please consider it could be interesting to show different area in Italy. In terms of distances by train it takes 5 hours more or less the same by coach. Kind regards

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Postavio Margarida Mota

Dear colleagues Are you still looking for a partner in Portugal.Our school is in Sintra,which is a World Heritage City near Oeiras and Lisboa.Is your poject already approved? You've mentioned that you werw starting in September...you didn't have the partners for the approval before submitting it? Kind regards Margarida Mota

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Dear colleague, I'm Meltem Mutlu. I'm an English teacher in Karacaoglan Primary School in Bagcilar Province Istanbul, Turkey. We are willing rto participate in an Erasmus + Project. We have experienced Comenius project in years 2011-2013. Our school is located European part of Istanbul. Bagcilar Province is one of the biggest and most crowded regions of Istanbul. Our school consists of 1600 students and 65 teachers. It is near the big city centers in European part of Istanbul. We would like to take part in your team. We are so hardworking, dynamic and experienced project team. Our headmaster is too. If you have some other questions please don't hesitate to contact to me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Email: meltemboztunc@yahoo.com Our school website: http://karacaoglani.meb.k12.tr Social Accounts of our School: Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Karacaoglan-Ilkokulu Instagram: karacaio34

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Dear Paula, your project sounds interesting. Would you be interested in a partners in Germany? Please let us know if you need more information. We would be very happy. Anne Walter

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Centrum Polsko-Francuskie Cotes d Armor-Warmia i Mazury w Olsztynie
Centrum Polsko-Francuskie Cotes d Armor-Warmia i Mazury w Olsztynie


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