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Our school is located in the south of Italy , near Naples city. Our students are from 3 to 14 years. We are searching for partners to start a project for next CALL KA229 -2020-2022. Students could be in mobility are older ones , from 10 to 14 aged. Some of them play piano, violin, flaute and oboe. We are glad to find partner in order to share good practise about the use of TIC , the approach to language teaching and learning and tackling school disantavage

We worked a lot with etwinning projects but this is the first time about Erasmus one, so we are searching for a coordinator of the project otherwise we can try to be it.

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ICS "D. Cimarosa" di Aversa (eTwinning potvrđen)

Aversa (Ce), Italija

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Postavio Bahar Dumlu

Your idea is a really good one. We are a Social Sciences High School from Turkey. We have finished an Erasmus Project without any problems. That is we are an experienced school with the Erasmus Projects. Now we are working on another project. If you want to check it from e-twinning portal its name is 'Assertive Communicators at Schools/Communication Rocks!' However, we have experienced and well-organized project team so we can manage both of them. Our school is full of 500+ students who are at the ages of 14-18. Our town, Gebze is very close to Istanbul. If you want to visit our school and run a project together we are very pleased. Please contact us. Bahar Dumlu Teacher of English

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Postavio Gemma Ciardulli

Thanks Bahar for your reply. I'm sorry but we are searching for a school partner with students of 10-14 aged. Regards and good luck for your project. Gemma

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Postavio Hasibe Şevik

Dear Emma, we are from Turkey and we are are interested in your project.We can be cordinator. Our students age is between 10-14.Please write for more deatils to . and ı will send our school PIF

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Postavio Pedro Peixoto

Hi Emma! My name is Pedro Peixoto and I am the Erasmus Coordinator at Cinfães Elementary School in Portugal. Our school already has experience in Erasmus projects (we are currently partners in two KA229 projects) and we have been coordinators of one project in 2015. Our school is located in a disadvantaged region of Portugal, so we have Erasmus projects as a priority of our Educational project. Our areas of interest are two: - projects related to environmental sustainability (our village is between the river and the mountain); - projects related to pedagogical innovations. We are open to other topics. We are an eTwinning school with several labels. My email: The web page of my school: I will wait for your reply... to send you my school PIF. Thanks Pedro

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Postavio Gunnel Lavin

Hej! We are a Montessoriinspired school in Gothenburg Sweden. We would like to join a project with European partners. We would be very happy to join Montessorischools since 1920 is the year of celebrating Maria Montessori 150 years old. But it is not necessary to have Montessoripartners.. Our students are from 1,5-7 years of age. I have done commenius project some years ago. Now eager to get in touch with a new project

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Postavio Mustafa Öztürk

Dear Emma, ​​from Turkey and we are interested in your project. Our students are between the ages of 10-14. Please write to for more articles. and I will send PIF to our school

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Postavio Rusu Luciana

Hello from Romania, My name is Luciana and I am primary teacher at Alexandru Ciucurencu school from Tulcea town. I have experience in Erasmus projects and I am open to work with you. My school has more than 1000 students with 6 to 14 years old. We are open to any topics so if you want to wotk with us please contact me:

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Postavio Filip Irina

Hello! We are a college from Iasi - one of the biggest city from Romania. We educated children from 3 to 18 and we also have previous experience in international projects and programs. We are interested to be your partner in your future projects. I am waiting for your answers. Best regards!

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Dear colleague, I'm Meltem Mutlu. I'm an English teacher in Karacaoglan Primary School in Bagcilar Province Istanbul, Turkey. We are willing rto participate in an Erasmus + Project. We have experienced Comenius project in years 2011-2013. Our school is located European part of Istanbul. Bagcilar Province is one of the biggest and most crowded regions of Istanbul. Our school consists of 1600 students and 65 teachers. It is near the big city centers in European part of Istanbul. We would like to take part in your team. We are so hardworking, dynamic and experienced project team. Our headmaster is too. If you have some other questions please don't hesitate to contact to me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Email: Our school website: Social Accounts of our School: Facebook: Instagram: karacaio34

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Hello, We are a primary school from Duszniki-Zdrój, Poland. We are willing to take a part in another Erasmus project. We are experienced, motivated and hard working. My email address is :

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Postavio Hédi Barcsik

Hi, im piano tacher in elementary Music Scool in Hungary. My email address is:

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Postavio Serap Semerci

Hello from Turkey. We are a primary school in the west of Turkey. We are interested in your idea because we are an innovative public school with lots of opportunities that none of the public schools have in our area. So we are a favourite school in our city. We have got different workplaces such as robotic, stem, music, art, drama, intelligence games, handskills and we want to share our experiences with you and also learn from your experiences. We haven't taken part in Erasmus projects so far but we are experienced in e twinning and we are an e twinning school. We would be glad to hear from you.if you want to contact please write

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Hello from Greece! We are the 1st primary school of Prosotsani, Drama, Greece ,a relatively small school of about 50 students and 12 teachers. We would like to take part in your project as a partner school. If you want to come into contact with us you can find us at

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Postavio Éva Kaszab

I am writing to you because we are searching for partners for a new project. I am an English and History teacher from Kecskemét, Hungary. Our students are aged 6-14. Our school is specialised in Foreign Languages, Sport and IT. Our webpage: I am an experienced coordinator working on several Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects, too. The topic you have suggested is the same I have been thinking about working on as it is a really urgent problem we have to focus on. If you accept us as a partner, please, let me know and I will send you all information you need. I am looking forward to hearing about you. Have a great weekend. Best wishes, Éva Kaszab (

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Postavio Ali İlengiz

I am very interested in your project. Can we join your project? Hello, from the city of Kocaeli where the sea, mountains, lakes and four seasons live. We are a middle school in the center of Izmit in Kocaeli. There are 750 students and 45 teachers in our school. In our historical school building which was built in 1945, there are students between the ages of 10-15. We are very experienced in projects. We have been the coordinator of 2 projects before. We became a partner in 7 projects. We are currently continuing 2 projects as partners. We have established 3 groups of project teams in my school. We love to work and project with these 3 groups of project teams. We are a hardworking, friendly team. Our distance to Istanbul is 60 km. We are also 40km away from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. We can write projects or become partners. the school's web page Turkey / Kocaeli Contact:

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Hello, We are a Primary School ( 3-12 years old) in Madrid, Spain. We are interested in your project. Could you send us more information about it? We can help you with the definition of the proyect. We are also inside eTwinning project. We are also thinking about students mobilities. As you mentioned before, the oldest one ( 10-12 yearls old) Take care Natacha

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Postavio Cláudia Andrade

Hello. I am ~Cláudia Andrade, from Madeira Island-Portugal. I am Math teacher in a Básic abd Secundary school age 11-18 years and have a studens with special education. I want to be part of your project. You send me more detail at

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Postavio Barbara Zięba

Colleagues, my name is Barbara - I am a German teacher at a primary school in Jarosław in southern Poland (near Rzeszów, Kraków, Zakopane). Friend Katarzyna teaches English. We will be pleased to become partners of your interesting project. We have been participating in the exchange of Polish German youth for 10 years. We learned about cultural and geographical traditions, IT interests, overcoming language barriers, developing students' interests (theater, photography, film), learning the customs and history of our countries. We would like to participate in your Erasmus project. Our students are 10-15 years old. If you want to share your experience with us, you can send us an invitation to participate in it: Thank you very much and good luck!

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Postavio Cerasela Marin

Hi, I'm a history and social education teacher at a Secondary School in Campina, Romania, with students between the ages of 7 and 15 years. We are looking for partners for a project with the objectives of taking over of common values, equality, non-discrimination and social inclusion. From the description we have identified common points of interest and needs that can lead to a good collaboration between our institutions. If you are interested contact me by email to provide full details. My mail is Best regards.

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