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Title: The old and the new Europe, 1918-2018 – arts and culture as a key to understand social and political transformations

Dates of realisation: 2018-2021
Participants: teachers of artistic subjects, history, mother tongue, informatics, animators + pupils aged 12-15
Main goal of the project: encourage pupils to take interest of arts by placing a piece of art in an multidisciplinary context, which will help to understand the era, social, political and economical transformations who leaded to creation of different artistic styles.
Language of the project: English
Proposed activities:
• Multidisciplinary analyze of paintings: before regarding a painting, students participate in a literature and history class in order to discover what was happening in Europe in this period. This way, they will get a large knowledge about the era – historical events and their impacts, life conditions, musical, literature and artistic trends – thanks’ to what it will be easier to understand the message of the painting.
• Creative use of a painting/ work of art which is an inspiration for pupils: they will create their own products:
- 1st year: lapbooks
- 2nd year: film – learning how to write a screenplay + making videos
- 3rd year: video reportage – collecting of testimonies, talking to witnesses of history (grandparents, neighbours, etc.), collecting of family historical objects
• about 40 hours of school activities each year (arts + history + language + extra classes)
• visits in museums, regional and national
• realization of the project on e-Twinning, contacts with students from other countries (in English)
• international pupil exchanges – organization of one meeting of all participants in each country – an artistic work camp (15 pupils from each country + teachers)
• international trainings/ workshops for teachers – in each country, dedicated to the method of work which will be used during the school year
• international project meetings – organizational meetings for project coordinators from each country, organized in every participant country
• conferences et meetings in order to sum up and to promote project results

Proposed topics:
• social situation of children in different eras
• family in paintings
• national patriotism, European patriotism, national pride
• a man in front of important historical events
• every day life/ cottage life / city life during the big and the small history 1918-2018

Planned results of the project:
• elaboration of a multidisciplinary method of teaching
• acquisition of new competences by teachers
• development of pupil’s competences – critical thinking, creativity, making associations between different events, etc.
• cooperation of schools
• publication of a booklet/ exposition of student’s creations
• Films and reportages made by pupils

Partners: primary schools/ middle schools from Poland, France and Italy + artistic associations or museums
Te project is to be presented on March 2018. We will need your help to know which ideas are possible to realize, what time is necessary to different activities, if the project is compatible with your teaching program, etc. As we plan to build a strategic partnership, it is necessary to find also other partners, ex. museums or cultural associations – it would be up to you to let us know if there’s a potential project partner in your region.
The project should start on October 2018, by an international partners meeting in order to plan in details the 1st year. Here’s a proposal of the schedule:
1) 1st international project meeting in Poland, october/ november 2018
2) Workshop for teachers in Poland
3) Work with pupils at schools, during the year, e-Twinning contacts
4) Artistic camp in Poland (June/ July 2019)
5) 2nd international project meeting in Italy, October 2019
6) Workshop for teachers in Italy
7) Work with pupils at schools, during the year, e-Twinning contacts
8) Artistic camp in Italy (June/ July 2020)
9) 3rd international project meeting in France, October 2020
10) Workshop for teachers in France
11) Work with pupils at schools, during the year, e-Twinning contacts
12) Artistic camp in France (June/ July 2021)
13) Dissemination of project results, conferences, in all countries, September 2021

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Neprofitna organizacija; Škola/Centar za osposobljavanje
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Francuska; Italija
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01.10.2018 » 30.09.2020
Centrum Polsko-Francuskie Cotes d Armor-Warmia i Mazury w Olsztynie
Olsztyn, Poljska

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