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Objavljeno: 23.04.2022

We are looking for schools that are interested in hosting our student teachers for around 12-14 days after their final exams (usually in May and September/October). The exchange has got the aim to enable our student teachers to collect working experiences abroad as well as to broaden their (cultural) horizon. Furthermore, they are asked to focus on specific aspects that might be of interest for our school like internal differentiation, routines etc.
In exchange, we are looking forward to hosting your student teachers at our school.

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Postavio Carmelo Patanè

Hello, We are a high school from Perugia, Italy which focus into sciences, math and physics. We also teach English and part of some subjects are also taught in English. We could host student teachers, especially those who are specializing into teaching English as a foreign languages or Italian during next school year if they have their own funding. We cannot offer accomodation or meals but we can give some assistants. Best Regards, Carmelo Patanè Erasmus Coordinator, Liceo Alessi Perugia Italy

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Postavio Kathrin Kersting

Thank you! I've just sent you a message!

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Hello Kathrin, We are Vet school from Kayeri(Cappadocia) Turkey. We can host your students in our school as well pls keep in Touch with me via Regards

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Hello Kathrin, i ve just sent you a mail , pls check your mailbox, or maybe spam folder.

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Postavio hilal öksüz

hello, I'm Hilal from izmir turkey. I work at HIGH SCHOOL as an English teacher. We are actively involved in 3 e twinning projects with our 1 quality award. We attach importance to teaching English, intercultural interaction, and working towards protecting the environment. If you choose us, we will be happy to host you. .If you want more information, I can help. I wish you a good work.

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Hello, We are interested in your Project. We are a private school located in Antalya - Turkey. We are a private school. Would like to be with you in the project. Hope we can work together. Look forward to hear from you.

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Postavio Murat YAVUZ

hello we can work as partners on your project and host you.

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Postavio sema kabaharnup

Hi, I'm an English teacher in Adana, Turkey. I would like to be a part of your project contribute to ''Dance for Nature'' ,that is my project ,to draw attention enviroment,forestry and sustainablty via dancing. I'm doing extracirricular activities in the field of stage about all kind of dancing I have dance activities with my students in my school for about ten years and I would like to move this forward . I will be appriciate if you contact with me: Translate

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Postavio Nilay Salğın

hi from Troy Çanakkale Turkıye ıf u love travelling:) you should see Troy Horse whıch was in Brad Pitts film if you want to explore city of Troy lets be partner:) If you want to learn about Helen of Troy lets come together:) we are waiting for your answer see u soon ı hope if you want our pif ı can send your mail

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