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The job shadowing offered can be residential (in one school for the whole period of mobility) or non-residential (in multiple schools).

This job shadowing is designed for teachers who are confronted with the problem/opportunity of having students who suffer from different levels of disability. This experience will give to all participants the opportunity to observe best practices applied by virtuous schools, which have been able to create use new methologies and systems to promote inclusion. This job shadowing will also give to the teachers an idea of how the students suffering from all types of disabilities are dealt with in the Italian system. In what consists the help given to the families? Which is the apparatus that gives sustainance to the school for extra activities? Which are the laws regulating the treatments to be given to these students?

The job shadowing will happen in Celano or Avezzano, Province of L'Aquila, Italy. It can last from 1 to 5 days (Monday-Friday).

AMFI is able to organize the stay for the participating teachers in hotels close to the school/s where the job shadowing will take place. This is an additional service, which could or could not be requested.

The cost of the 5-day job shadowing is of: €470,00/person. The price includes management of the job shadowing, tutoring, documents and material for the report of your project (pictures, newspapers publications, blog articles...). The price does NOT include accommodation and food.

If you intend to organize your job shadowing differently, please contact us at

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Good afternoon, We are a group of educational counselors who work in a public psycho-pedagogical service in Valencia (Spain). We serve a wide network of schools and our main task is to advise teachers and promote innovative and inclusive methodologies. In February 2019 we will present an erasmus + KA1 project on INCLUSIVE EDUCATION. Therefore, we are interested in visiting italian schools to learn about another educational system and different teaching methods, both in early childhood and primary education. Please, may you confirm if it is possible to organize our visit? Contact us at Thank you very much for your attention. Kind regards. Ana Patricia Díaz Arnáez SPEs V-12 (Psycho-pedagogical service)

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Hello. We are a school from the northwest of Spain, in Galicia. Our school is currently developing a project about inclusive classrooms and how to deal with students with special educational needs. We would be very interested in sending a teacher to your school to do job shadowing about the activities before described. The observation period would be between September 2019 and April 2021. If that would be possible, please contact us in the following address. Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

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Postavio Sabrine DESROIS

Bonjour, Notre collège du sud de la France accueille des élèves qui bénéficient du dispositif ULIS (Unité Localisée d'Inclusion Scolaire) c'est à dire des élèves en situation de handicap (reconnu par la Maison départementale des personnes handicapées ou MDPH). Elle permet à ces élèves d’être scolarisés en milieu ordinaire avec leurs camarades tout en recevant des enseignements adaptés, en proposant un accompagnement en cours par l’AVS collectif, en aménageant leur scolarité, bref en répondant à leurs besoins éducatifs particuliers. L’ensemble du projet individuel pédagogique de chacun est établi en coordination avec les différents partenaires et la famille. De plus,nous avons tous dans nos classes des élèves atteints de troubles DYS et nous sommes soucieux de mieux prendre en compte les difficultés de ces élèves et de favoriser leurs apprentissages scolaires. Nous souhaiterions pouvoir enrichir nos connaissances et nos compétences en matière d’inclusion scolaire en découvrant ce qui se fait dans d'autres pays d'Europe et pourquoi pas en mutualisant nos savoir-faire.Si notre projet vous intéresse , n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

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Postavio MINE GÖL

merhaba benim adım mine Eskişehir / Türkiye'de bir devlet orta okulunda psikolojik danışmanım okulumuzda farklı engel türlerine sahip öğrenciler var.kapsayıcı, bütünleştirici eğitimini benimsemiş öğretmenlerle, öğrencilerin yüksek yararını benimsemiş bir şekilde çalışırız. sizlerle bilgi ve bilgi alışverişinde bulunabilmek isteriz.. sevgiler

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Hello, My name is Araceli Caballero, from IES Al-zujayr, Granada. We are a small high school eager to learn new teaching methods. We are interested in a job shadowing experience. Please, contact me: Thanks in advance

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Hello, My name is José A. Muñoz. I am the principal in primary school in Málaga, Spain. We are interested in our idea after December 21. Our email: Please let me know more information. Thanks.

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Hi. I'm Selda GEÇGEL. I am working in a technical school in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. I am the Leader of the Information Technologies Department. There are Radio-Television and Agriculture departments in our school. Disabled and non-disabled students between the ages of 14 and 19 receive education in our school. Our disabled students have cerebral palsy and various disabilities. We have experience in Erasmus projects. We have done Erasmus project studies on robotics, 3D Printer, design. We take part in FRC competitions as TEAM 8862. We have accreditation. We will be very pleased to be involved in a project with you. For detailed information, you can check our school website. +90 506 207 51 57

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