Game - Based Learning and Gamification in My Classroom: Fail or Win?

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Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
1. To encourage a specific response or behavior
2. To increase the visibility and perceived importance of otherwise “minor” and less visible actions
3. To promote competition; to engage and motivate students to learn – to enhance students’ motivation
4. To help students track their own progress
5. To repackage academic content
6. To promote critical and strategic thinking
7. To “engage” students not otherwise engaged
8. To support both struggling and talented students
9. To apply the large learning effect of games on intercultural communicative competence
10. To increase learning effectiveness
11. To incorporate the dynamics of games into learning actions at class
12. To develop students’ problem – solving skills

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Helsinki, FINLANDE

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A assisté au cours le 21.10.2019 - 27.10.2019

At the beginning, I had aplied for this course of Gamification course. Our course provider advised us that there was a change in the content as the title of the seminar was: Digital Classroom: Using ICT in Education, Flipped Classroom Model, Gamification and STEM. It was not seem to be a problem but actually there were so many contents for a deep treatment. The methodology was poorly participative. The trainer showed us mainly ict tools, but it was not enough time to work with them. The location of the classroom was amazing, in front of the Royal Palace!. Even though the place was so tight for all the participants. People were the best part of the course, six different nationalities, a lot of experience to share!.

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A assisté au cours le 02.09.2019 - 08.09.2019

Very interesting!

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A assisté au cours le 02.09.2019 - 08.09.2019

Very interesting and motivating!

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Motivated Learning for Everyone
Rating: 3/517 utilisateurs


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