Bullying: Peer Abuse in Schools – Effective Prevention

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Bullying Prevention Objectives
• Giving students pertinent, realistic information, adapted to their age and developmental stage, about forms of bullying and prevention strategies;
• Fostering students’ awareness of their value as individuals, their rights and their responsibilities, as well as those of others;
• Encouraging the development of students’ abilities and skills;
• Increasing the range of choices available to students in their daily lives;
• Ensuring that students have access to a range of effective community resources that respect their rights;
• Fostering mutual support and cooperation among students;
• Expanding students’ support systems by developing a network of respectful and supportive adults;
• Raising public awareness and mobilizing the community around the issue of bullying prevention;
• Understand the extent, seriousness, and dynamics of bullying;
• Recognize and respond early and effectively to behaviors that can lead to bullying;
• Learn about new, effective strategies for controlling bullying;
• Prepare children to recognize and respond effectively to early bullying behavior;
• Teach children how everyone—bullies, victims, bystanders, and supportive adults—can help control bullying.

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Amsterdam, Rotterdam, PAYS-BAS

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Motivated Learning for Everyone
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