Flipped Classroom: Total Classroom Makeover

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Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

- Help teachers become completely transparent and accountable for what they teach and how they teach it;
- Improve teacher quality by emphasizing the importance of efficiency, reflective practice and relationships;
- Help teachers create classroom environments that are highly collaborative and differentiated;
- Generate ready‐to‐use materials, practical ideas and innovative tools to implement and evaluate Flipped Classroom model within your educational institution;
- Apply Flipped Classroom as student-centered learning structure, learn to differentiate Flipped Classroom activities according to students learning styles, interests and diverse socio-cultural backgrounds;
- Demonstrate awareness of numerous examples of how other teachers are using flipped instruction in their classrooms;
- Identify key considerations that must be addressed in flipped teaching and learning.
- Select from an array of techniques and tools to help ensure that students engage with digital learning content;
- Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of tools to create interactive flipped learning content (your own content and/or expert content from other sources);

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Motivated Learning for Everyone

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Motivated Learning for Everyone
Motivated Learning for Everyone
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