Youthreach Ireland

The National Youthreach Programme in Ireland provides second-chance education and training to early school leavers aged 15-20 years. The programme, which is run by the Irish Department of Education and Skills, is focused on formal education, training and work experience. The programme is now a crucial part of the Irish education and training continuum and a fundamental element in the government’s response to early school leaving and educational disadvantage.
Interagency work is included in Youthreach’s quality standards. Links are established and maintained with schools, the Department of Education and Skills, related agencies and initiatives, employment services, social care and health promotion, and other services and local organisations targeting young people.
Youthreach offers young people the opportunity to identify options for adult life and to acquire certification. As the programme operates on a full-time, year-round basis, Youthreach has a continuous intake policy. Around 6,000 youth participate in this program. The programme lasts two years. Students attend full-time and on a year-round basis.

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