Urgent!! last minute looking forLAST partner School from ITALY/SPAIN/FRANCE.

Publié: 28.10.2020

The project aims at, the presentation of the historical facts that have influenced the formation of the European common values is as essential as the creation of an education platform and a game on which these facts will be presented. Each nation has a long history and has influenced more or less of what we call today the European Union. Teaching historic events and diachronic principles is a demanding procedure. The education platform and the game will be useful tools in the hands of the educators while they will be an agreeable and friendly way to teach such obscure concepts. Additionally, it will be helpful as a remote learning tool, especially now that distance education has become indispensable by virtue of COVID-19.


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01.03.2021 » 28.02.2023
MD Brainnovation
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Dionisos, GRECE

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Publié par Manos Dimogerontakis

please contact on Email md.brainnovation@gmail.com

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Publié par francesca anili

Hi, I read about your project and I would like to partecipate with my school. We're a quite big school in a town of south Italy, this is our website:http://www.icmontaltotaverna.edu.it/ic2/ ou students are from 3 to 13 ys old, I teach art in middle school (10-13 ys) and I'm very interested in teaching art History as the product of social, economic and historical resultances. We're a skilled team and I think it should be interesting to contribute to your work. Please tell me asap, if you're interested in our partecipation, how to formalize it. Best regards Francesca Anili fransal@tiscalinet.it

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Publié par Özge Güleryüz

Hello I am an English teacher in İzmir Turkey.It is a touristic place and full of historical sites.I am experienced in projects .I participated on different projects with my students who can attend the school after being successful from a national entrance exam at the end of 8th grade. They have nice memories with their peers from different countries. Last year we worked on three different e-twinning projects .Also we attended a language camp in Netherlands.This year we have completed an Erasmus + KA2 . For your project we can attend with the students of 15-16.It will be interesting for us and will be happy to start working on a new project with you. I am a serious, hardworking and an experienced partner and also Turkey is a cheap country which will help you in terms of bugget.We would like to take part at any educational activity for students. guleryuz.ozge@gmail.com Özge

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