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Publié: 26.09.2022

We're looking for a school for an Erasmus plus project (KA2 small scale partnership) that would start in the middle of the next year so we can have time for getting to know each other and discuss activities in details. As the deadline for applying is 4th October, please write ASAP if you'd like to join us.

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01.06.2023 » 01.12.2024

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Publié par selen Avcı

Hi dear friend. I am Selen Avcı. I am an English teacher at Prof.Dr. Şaban Teoman Duralı Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi ( A Science and Art school which teaches students with special talents and high intelligence). Our school is in Zonguldak, Turkey (on the Blacksea coast, a small but nice city with sea and mountains :) )Our students are aged 9 to 18. I think we can work and achieve some very good results together. As a school we are interested in common environment, climate change,art, music,biology,history,chemistry etc… As I am also an English teacher, I am really willing to help my students improve their English as well as raise their awareness about sustainability and European values . Our school participates in many projects and our students are really efficient. I am also really into environmental problems and raising awareness among my students. We also use new pedagocical approaches and digital skills in our classes. we are also quite experienced in Erasmus projects. We have music and art classes in our school. We are a team ready to work with enthusiasm and responsibility. My e-mail address is I am looking forward to hearing from you. Greetings from Turkey.

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Hello ! I’m Elizabeth and I am the Assistant Director in the Primary School of Hortiatis, a suburb of Thessaloniki in the North of Greece . There are 260 students in our school aged 6-12. From the age of 7 our students learn english and from the age of 9 they learn a second foreign language either french or german. We are very interested in finding a coordinating school to join a KA 220 project! Our school has participated in a KA 229 project before as a partner and both students and teachers loved the whole experience! You can contact by email Looking forward to hearing from you ! Kind regards Elisavet

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Publié par Ali Güldaş

Hello! This is a small school on the Aegean Coast of Turkey for students aged from 5 to 18. We are in search of an Erasmus partnership and cooperation for long time also to arrange student exchange programmes. The school is situated in an area with olive trees between the sea and a range of mountains covered with forests including a National Park called "IDA MOUNTAINS". The area is famous for its endemic species. But another speciality about the area is that "history" that goes back to Ancient Greek. There are many historical remains and many myths and legends from the past to nowadays. Since we haven't experienced any Erasmus projects yet, I think this is an advantage for a possible partnership. But I took part in Comenius and Erasmus projects with my previous schools in the past. So I am sure that we will be able to make contributions during the preparation and implementation of the project. We are ready to host guest students in our homes during any mobilities. We can provide more information if it is needed. I can send the PIF for school with Erasmus OID. Could you please write a reply if you consider us as one of the partners. My mail is: With our best wishes Ali Güldaş Deputy Head of International Projects/Activities

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Publié par Eva Santín Miguel

Hello, My name is Eva, I am a teacher of English, German, Art and Science. We are a small school near Barcelona, Spain, and I work with 15/30-student groups of 12-16-year-old secondary students. Last year I took part in 4 etwinning projects about science or culture, and enjoyed it so much. We even got a quality label. I read about your project and am interested in joining in. Or work with you in any project. We are also interested in an exchange program, which would be the erasmus plus. I would like to hear your feedback, proposals for teamwork. Pls contact me on Looking forward to hearing from you Eva

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Hello! I come from Romania, we have no experience in Erasmus +, but we are reliable and hardworking. Our school is a secondary school, the children are 6-14 years old. Your project plan is very interested for us. We want to be partners with you in this project. My e-mail address is Sincerely, Vaszi Szimonetta. 🙂

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