Teacher Training Centre is looking for KA226 partners for a ready project on digital readiness

Publié: 22.10.2020

Dear colleagues,
We are a teacher training centre in Romania. We have an almost ready project about innovative practices in a digital era under the Erasmus+ call KA226. Our focus is on helping socially disadvantaged children from rural schools to keep on learning despite the pandemic and avoid school dropouts. We would like to first of all train teachers develop their skills within the topic, to develop an innovative strategy and then experience it on student level. We are looking for SCHOOLS who we can share their experience with us and bring their ideas to this partnership. Target age group 11-15.
If you would like to join us, then please contact us.

Keep safe!

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01.04.2021 » 31.03.2023

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Publié par Maite Villalobos

Hello, My name is María Teresa Villalobos and I am the deputy headmistress of the Highschool Martín Aldehuela in Málaga, Spain in Málaga, Spain. Our educational offering covers Secondary Education (four groups of 1º ESO with 90 students (aged 12 ), four groups of 2ºESO with 90 students (aged13), three groups of 3º ESO with 75 students (aged14,) and three groups of 4º ESO 75 students (aged15), Upper Secondary Education and Vocational training in Administrative management and Electronics. Our students come from lower -middle and working classes. There are 658 students, 233 of whom study vocational training. We offer initial vocational training in Administration and Electronics and electricity,and middle vocational training cycles in Administrative management and telecommunication facilitiesas well as upper-grade vocational training cycles in the same professional fields. We have already faced a new development period for the 21st century, first, with the implementation ofthe DUAL vocational training in the school year 2015-16 and now with the opening of our school to Europe by means of ERASMUS projects. Our school has been involved in many regional projects, students are very interested in project activities. Through the designing and creation of training pathways and educational resources, our school aims at fostering students’ future integration in the society. Our school has also widely favored and supported the intercultural dialogue, aware of the importance of learning foreign languages, of respect for other cultures, of meetings among people of different ethnical origins, with an attentive eye on the weakest and the more disadvantaged. These types of initiatives are regarded as being precious occasions for cultural growth in a global dimension. Our school is successful in various education projects. Projects carried out in our schools: PRODIG : School digitalization project COMUNICA(COMMUNICATE): project led by the Spanish Department dealing with the use of linguistic resources as a mean of communication. GENDER EQUALITY: Project dealing with the visualisation of women in history. It is also related to the role of women in society nowadays and the struggle to find gender equality. ALDEA: Project directed by the Science and Biology Department. It covers recycling activities, rambling and excursions to explore wildlife in the area, the creation of a greenhouse at school and the foundation of a bird club with students and teachers as participants. Our school has a strong commitment to innovation in teaching and learning. Teachers who will be involved in the project activities are eager to share their knowledge and skills with partner institutions. We are responsible partners and would like to join your project. You can contact me : maitenglishteacher@gmail.com

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Good morning, My name is Iratxe Renteria and I work for the Service of Innovation and Teacher Training of the Basque Government's Education Department, located in Bilbao (Basque Country). Even if we are late, we would be very interested in joining your association since the field you will be working on is very interesting for us. We look forward to hearing from you soon (iratxe.renteria@berritzegunenagusia.eus)

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