Looking for partners for children rights projects or projects about democracy

Julkaistu: 03.08.2022

We are a secondary school in Berlin Neukölln looking for partners to do a Erasmus+project on children rights or democracy in schools including also exchanges/visits with our 7th and 9th grade which means that our students taking part would be between 12-15 years old.

Our partner should be able to use smartphones, tablets or etwinning for communication.

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Kirjoittaja: Belgin Ertürk

Hi from Turkey, I am an English teacher at a secondary school aged 12-15 last year I implemented kA229 project about intercultural values in Education which was an inclusion and I would like to start new one .This educational year I am working another school which started giving education this year and available for a new great experience..Participating in erasmus project is an opportunity both for teachers and for students to work in a collaborative way with people from another country within the Union and also I would really like to constitute an institution culture to make my students more aware of the European values.Our target is both teaching the students learning to learn and make our students have 21st century skills. My mail is:blgnertrk@gmail.com Best regards Belgin ERTÜRK

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Kirjoittaja: Letizia Di Martino

Hi, I'm a technology teacher in a lower secondary school in San Nicola La Strada in the province of Caserta (Italy). Our school works hard on Erasmus projects. In my school there is a digital section, where pupils carry out coding and robotics activities at a curricular level. Furthermore, the didactic activity has a strong collaborative and laboratory connotation, for example through flipped classroom and peer to peer teaching. A section dedicated to studying through new technologies: instead of paper textbooks, children use tablets, without a backpack, without the cost of books. We currently have three active projects, one of which ends happily on September 30th, after having completed the last mobility in Greece in May. I am an Erasmus contact person in my school, where a research and study commission for Erasmus projects has been set up. We would like to start a new Steam themed project. My email address is: letiziarch@gmail.com. Attached are the links of the school and the twinspaces of the projects still in progress. https://iccapolddsannicolalastrada.edu.it/erasmus/ https://twinspace.etwinning.net/myspaces Best regards Letizia Di Martino

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Kirjoittaja: Saverio Settembrino

Good Morning Are you looking for another partner for your project? I am interested in and I would like to know more best regards Saverio Settembrino

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Kirjoittaja: Thomas Karakostas

Hi from Greece, My name is Thomas , i am an ICT teacher at a secondary school aged 13-15 , in the city of Nafpaktos (West Greece). As you maybe know, our country, Greece, is the birthplace of democracy, both as a philosophical concept and an everyday practice.Democracy is taught in our schools through the classical ancient philosophical texts and is practiced in situations such as school council elections and everyday decision-making. So, we are interested to being part of your project, and we would like to know more details about it. My e-mail is: thkarakost@gmail.com , Regards, Thomas

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Hello! My name is Kallirroy Konstantopoulou and I teach Greek language and Literature at a Senior High School in Kalamata, a town in the south of Greece. We are going to complete an Erasmus+ KA229 in September and we are interested in participating in a new project about Democratic values and human rights. Our pupils are from 12 to 15. If you are interested, please give us some more details. my mail is: roykalamata@gmail.com

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Kirjoittaja: Verginia Veselinova

Hello, I am a primary teacher in a secondary school in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a long experience in eTwinning, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. You can see my work here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpcTtVXgNaqL6Mact-wt4tQ/videos http://verginiav.blogspot.com/?m=1 http://122ou.blogspot.com/?m=1 I am very interested in the topic of your project. I Some years ago I took part in a project about children rights. You can check here: https://erasmus-same.blogspot.com/ If you need a serious partner, write me, please verginiavr@gmail.com

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Kirjoittaja: Iulia Hotnog

Hello. I am Iulia Hotnog, teacher in a school from Romania. Our students are 11-19 years old. I am interested in your project. You can email me at iuliahotnog@yahoo.com

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Kirjoittaja: Snežana Jović

Hi, I am an English teacher from Smederevo, Serbia. My students aged from 11 to 15 would be happy to participate in your project. Our primary school Dimitrije Davidovic is founded in 1806, with great history and tradition. Today, it is modern and quality educational institution on the Danube. Please, contact me radunovics@hotmail.com

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Kirjoittaja: Antonia Giulia Tangari

Hi, I am an English teacher from Puglia, Italy. My students aged from 11 to 14 would be happy to participate in your project. Our school is modern and we make a lots of projects also on ewtinning platform. Please, contact giulia.antonia@gmail.com

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Kirjoittaja: Chiara Berchielli

I'm a teacher from San Giovanni Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy. We would like to be partners in an Erasmus Project involving students aged 11-14, we are already in contact with a Spanish and a French school and are looking for a partner from Germany. One group of our pupils learn German as a second language. We are a willing staff, open to different opportunities. Please contact me if you are interested in our partnership. chiara.berchielli@icmasaccio.eu

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Kirjoittaja: David Geiser Mellkvist

Hello from Önneredsskolan in Gothenburg, Sweden. I tried messaging yesterday but I'm not sure if it was sent. Therefor I will try again... I came across your enquiry about partners for projects within the spectrum of democracy. We are a school of around 900 students between the ages of 7-16. We are located in the western part of Gothenburg. At the moment we are coordinating the KA210 project "Globalization through media". That KA2 will be done before next summer and we are keen on finding new partners in the theme of Democracy. Our students study democracy as a theme in civics but we have also had cross curricular week of democracy in year 8 (age 14) where students works with democracy in different subjects. I'm keen on hearing more about your thoughts and ideas of the plan. If interested, let me know and we'll schedule a meeting. All the best, David Geiser Mellkvist Head of civics david.geiser@grundskola.goteborg.se

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Kirjoittaja: Maimon Nicoleta

Hi, I am Nicoleta from Galati, Romania. I am engineer for food industry and gastronomy. This school year I will coordinate students who are 15 years old for extracurricular activities, civics. I have experience because I was school inspectror for tecnical subjects and minorities. Looking forward to hearing about you nicoleta_maimon@yahoo.com

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Kirjoittaja: Antónia Furtado

Hi, I am a teacher of English in Montijo, near Lisbon, Portugal. My students are aged 12-15 years old the theme of Democracy is a very important topic in our daily activities. Human rights, bullying and other relevant topics related to citizenship are worked daily with our students. If you are interested in working with us please contact me antoniacbfurtado@gmail.com. Regards!

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