Mobility of Students

Julkaistu: 19.06.2022

This is mobility of group students to take place in İzmir, one of the best cities in Turkey.
During the mobility, the students will experience STEAM activities, learn how to be a Maker, and improve their skills reated to STEAM topics. Moreover, they will also improve their social and communication skills in an international environment. They will meet international peers, have fun, and visit cultural and historical sites. In short, that will be an unforgettable experience for them.
For more information please contact us:

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22.08.2022 » 26.08.2022

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Kirjoittaja: Anžela Andervude

Greetings from Latvia! This is our first Erasmus project and we would love to cooperate with your school as you have extensive expertise in Erasmus projects. We would love to exchange a small group of students on the topic Cultural diversity and Minorities. This will be a short term project. If you are not interested, may be you can recommend some schools from your area. My personal email:

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