CONFIRMED JOB SHADOWING: Benchmarking in Vocational Education, Helsinki / Finland,25-29 April 2022

Julkaistu: 02.03.2022

You are invited to our job shadowng session in Helsinki.
An international group of 20 vocational school teachers will do their job shadowing activities at 3 different schools in Helsinki and they will have a chance to observe and benchmark vocational education

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25.04.2022 » 29.04.2022

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Kirjoittaja: Elisabet Cotes

What is the price?

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Kirjoittaja: Orçun GÖKMAN

Could you give me more detailed information?

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Kirjoittaja: Hasibe Şevik

For deatiled info you can send an email to

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Kirjoittaja: maria grazia cantoni

Good morning, can we have more information? We're a accredited school in Italy, please get in touch.

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Kirjoittaja: ibrahim çakıcı

Hello, Could you please send me more details? Please feel free to contact me:

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Kirjoittaja: Sonia Aguirre

Hello, we would like more information. Thank you.

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Kirjoittaja: lorène chéné

Hi! I'm a french teacher from Angers. I work in a primary school and we have an Erasmus + accreditation. We are looking for european partners for teachers mobility only. We would like to move from October 2022 to 2224! We are working on pupils well-being and we hope to learn on new pédagogies. If you are interessed, thank to contact me by mail : Best Regards Lorène

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Kirjoittaja: Ana Puerta

Hello! I'm a spanish primary education teacher from Cartagena, Murcia. We are looking for european partners for teachers job shadowing only. In our country there are some helps for teacher that want to visit other schools from Europe and we need an invitation letter to apply for it. I would like to visit your school and learn about your pedadogical methods which are very interesting in our country. We would like to move from November 2022 to june 2023! In our school we are working on ICT, tablets, AR; special needs education specially autism, emotional intelligence and improving English school. If you are interested, contact me at: Best regards

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