Shifting Boundaries - Searching for a third Partner for a key2-partnership

Julkaistu: 17.03.2020

We are a German and an Italian School with a nearly ready project about the boundaries. As we have seen for the last years, an encreasing number of Pupils in the age of 14-16 years are declining in their school performance. Too many of them are leaving school without the planned exams, some of them are getting a minor exam, some of them aren't achieving any exam. An increasing number of pupils seem to have more problems with family expectations, language skills or with self regulation. Pupils of this group normally aren't unable to meet demands from the start, this develops during their time in the educational system.
The increased and still increasing diversity in schools leads to a considerable increase in school-failure. The standard system in our schools is not appropriate for the problems of those girls and boys.
For us a key factor is the personal cultural setup. Who am I, who is my peergroup and what are the expectaions of others. A lot of our students come from different cultural backgrounds and feel that they have to live up to expectations of two or more different worlds.
As institutions we want to learn about the boundaries, the students feel for themselves. We want to explore a way to let them learn what kind of assistance they need and how we can provide it.
For a better understanding what triggers school failure and what triggers success, we would like to stress the cultural and social setup a pupil grows in. The key to success is to give pupils tools to develop personal strategies to make their best way into a self-determined life..

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Kirjoittaja: Engin Sofu

Hi, My name is Engin, from Turkey. I am science teacher in a secondary school. Our school has been located in Adana city. Adana is south of Turkey and a big city and it has an airport near the city center. You can easliy arrive for mobility. We have about 1000 students and 50 teachers. Our students ages are between 11-15 and coming from different culturel backgrounds and have some disadvantages. In Turkey, students have big exam at the end of final year in their school.(14-15 years old) This exam content some hard questions about math, science, turkish language etc.. If they want to go a good high school they have to be succesful this exam. This sitution cause some problems like drob out from school and not go on high school. We have been conducting an Erasmus+ KA2 project about early school leaving for 2 years and this season will be finish. We are interest your project topic and we would like to attend. Could you please give me some more detail about your project ? My e-mail adress:

Käännä (vain rekisteröityneille käyttäjille)

Hello! I'm a secondary teacher of Greek Language and Literature, representing the 12th Gymnasium of Peristeri, in Athens ( My school is relatively small in numbers, 300 students (ages 13-15) and 28 teachers, but very interested in european projects. We have participated in eTwinning and Erasmus+ KA2 projects. Currently we are looking to become a partner in a new KA2 project. We think that the borders, as a topic, and generally the limits that are consciously or unconsciously set or even imposed by inner or outer factors, is a very interesting and up to date issue. In my school we have students with a diverse cultural and social background and we try to deal with issues of inclusion, low performance and even drop-out in some cases. It would be very interesting for us to exchange ideas and good practices with other european schools within an erasmus+ partnership. We are looking forward to hearing from you (

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Kirjoittaja: Nihan Çınar

Dear partner; I'm Nihan. Our school ID number:E10245527 Our school is in Bodrum,Muğla. We are the science and art school. We carry all the features you are looking for. The age range of our students is 8-17. The students who learn faster than their equals,have high capacity in creativity, art and leadership, can understand the abstract ideas,like acting independently on their interests,overperform and have special academic success study at our educational institution after their schools.There are thirteen teachers and seventy-six students in our school. Gifted children who range in age from seven to eighteen study at our school.The students are accepted into our center after three-phased evaluation which takes approximately six months.The teachers who work at our school are selected among professionalists by a special evaluation.Our school vision is to be a model school which strives for a modern Turkey.There are visual arts,technology design,music,mind games,wood painting and information technologies workshops in our school. I'd appreciate it if you'd prefer us. We are waiting for your reply.😊❤️ my mail adress: Love from Turkey Bodrum Nihan

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Kirjoittaja: HAYRİYE AYDIN

Hi   I live in the city of Edirne, Turkey. On the border of Edirne, Bulgaria and Yuanaistan. (Near -İstanbul in the European part of Turkey) I am a chemistry teacher. Our students are between the ages of 14-18. My school has not previously been involved in Erasmus projects. It has many E twinning projects. My school is E twinning School. You can contact me for the activities to be held in the project. I Yours truly.

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Kirjoittaja: Ayşin Lacin Durgun

hello I'm a teacher at a public school in Adana. Adana is a city in the southern part of Turkey. my school name is the beautiful art school. my school offers music and painting education. There are 240 students and 45 teachers at my school. The age range of my students is 14-18. my students are selected with a special aptitude test. I am the project coordinator at my school. we would like to know more about the project. I expect information from you. if you would like more information about us, please feel free to contact us. we have Erasmus + experience All the best. my mail address: (promotion of the city)

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Hello, We are a professional high school from Bulgaria, the town of Pirdop. We train students from 13 to 18 years of age in the professions of electrical engineering, automation, metalworking, administration and economics. We are interested in sharing good practices in digital learning, entrepreneurship and improving the quality of education. We are currently writing KA229 and KA 202 projects and looking for partners. We also have an interest in being involved as partners in your project. If you are interested, please contact us. Nenka Rasheva

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Kirjoittaja: Serbay Durmaz

Hello, we are public secondary school from Turkey. We are happy to cooperate with the Erasmus + project. You can contact us at sarkomiho @ gmail. If you want, I can send our PIF to your e-mail address.

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