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The job shadowing offered can be residential (in one school for the whole period of mobility) or non-residential (in multiple schools).

This job shadowing is designed for teachers who would like to learn how Italian schools are cooping with the creativity challenge. How is the learning stimulated through creativity? Which are the laboratories that can be organized? How can they be financed? This experience will give to all participants the opportunity to observe best practices applied by virtuous schools, which have been able to use creativity in education, bringing a positive impact to the students.

The job shadowing will happen in Celano or Avezzano, Province of L'Aquila, Italy. It can last from 1 to 5 days (Monday-Friday).

AMFI is able to organize the stay for the participating teachers in hotels close to the school/s where the job shadowing will take place. This is an additional service, which could or could not be requested.

The cost of the 5-day job shadowing is of: €470,00/person. The price includes management of the job shadowing, tutoring, documents and material for the report of your project (pictures, newspapers publications, blog articles...). The price does NOT include accommodation and food.

If you intend to organize your job shadowing differently, please contact us at

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Celano/Avezzano, L'Aquila Province
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Kirjoittaja: Brasero Frank

Hola, somos un centro bilingüe en Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid (Spain). Estamos iniciando un proyecto Erasmus para hacer K1 en otros centros de otros países. Estamos interesados en metodos de enseñanza bilingüe en inglés, proyectos de juego en el patio y metodos innovadoras de enseñanza. Actualmente hemos iniciamos un proyecto de matemáticas en nuestro cole en Primaria. También estamos interesados en estrategias de enseñanza a través de yoga y meditación, control del estrés en el aula y metodologías alternativas (Montessori, Waldrof, Reggio Emilia...) Estamos interesados en visitar sus centros y observar el sintema de trabajo de sus profesionales. Esperamos respuesta a (Frank y Rebeca) Gracias.

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Kirjoittaja: Izabela Złotowska

Hello, We're currently trying to help in the development of an Erasmus + project for our school. (Primary school in a big city in the centre of Poland - you can see usłódź&epa=SEARCH_BOX) We're interested in establishing international ties between our school and others with similar characteristics to reinforce cultural links among European students from different countries.We would like to see  job shadowing experiences in KA1. If you are interested let us know: Best regards, Izabela Złotowska

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Kirjoittaja: Elena González

Hello, our primary school located in Valencia is interested in your job shadowing activity. Our project is focus on improve the following aspects: -To learn to carry out a more practical, manipulative and interactive education. - To promote inclusive education in language, that is, the use of ICTs to make environments more accessible. - To improve the teaching of non-linguistic areas in a foreign language (English), as well as to encourage students in the development of speaking in English. - To share educational experiences with other countries in order to improve our teaching practice, as well as to create links for future projects. So, could you give us more information your job shadowing activity? Thanks in advance. Also, If you are looking for a long term partner, we are interested. Contact us at:

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