READING THE CITY- Using the city as a resource in teaching and learning (6-day)

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A city is a living organism and a dynamic entity where cultures, traditions, languages and values coexist and interact. It has historical, social, political and environmental structures which affect the lives of citizens. Schools can help pupils develop ways of exploring and reading their city; understanding its structures and participating in its urban way of life. Pupils can feel the city and its pulse; read its atmosphere and create their own identity and the sense of belonging.

This 6-day course gives participants theoretical background how to explore the city and use it as a resource in teaching and learning, as well as practical guidelines to integrate activities and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life. Discussions, site visits and group work will enrich sharing ideas and exchange of practice between participants. There is also the possibility to extend the course to 7-day.

The cost for 6-day course is 480 euro and for 7-day course is 560 euro. It includes course fees, course material, entrance to museums and tours.

During the course, participants will:
• examine the city as a dynamic living organism from historical, cultural and socio -political perspective
• discuss aspects of the city and examine the city as a resource and as a place of education
• get informed about the importance of experiential learning and its contribution to lifelong learning
• develop ways of exploring the city, helping pupils think critically, creatively and reflectively; and to be active citizens
• discuss approaches for implementing activities and tools for data collection
• get in touch with a variety of activities in neighbourhoods; in the city center; in museums & monuments; in the green areas of the city
• examine the use of ICT tools for collecting data; sharing data; for communication; for map skills and for creative activities
• practice apps in outdoor activities for data collection
• visit sites, museums, monuments etc. and implement activities in the city

After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily programme). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of using the city as a resource in their teaching.

• Welcome -warm up activities.
• The City as a resource.
• City as a place of education.
• Reading the City & Experiential Learning.
• Reading the City & Lifelong learning skills.
• Activities for team building.
• Visit to Kourion archaeological site.
• Discussion about activities in archaeological sites.

• Aspects of the city.
• City through centuries.
• Orientation activities & tools.
• City as a living organism.
• Implementing activities in the city.
• Approaches and tools.
• ICT tools for collecting data.

• Visit to Limassol Old city center, Carob Mill Museum, Medieval Castle & Museum and other monuments.
• Doing activities in the city center.
• Data collection for the group work.

• Activities in neighbourhood.
• Models of urban structure.
• Activities in the city center.
• Activities in museums & monuments.
• ICT tools for sharing data & communication.
• Activities in the green areas.
• ICT tools for creative activities.
• The role of culture.

• Visit the Limassol Archaeological Museum, Municipal Gallery and Municipal Garden.
• Practicing the use of apps in outdoor activities and data collection.
• Data collection for the group work.

• Cities and globalization.
• Urban ecology & Sustainable development.
• Participants complete the group work, presentation of group work, review of the course, certificates.

DAY 7 (optional)
• Visit to Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle and port.


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