Teaching and Learning English as a Global Languagers

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Course overview and purpose:
The ultimate aim of this course is to help participants gain a full understanding of English as a global language and to reflect on the practical implications of this for their own practice.
Using workshops, roleplays, discussions, videos and songs, we explore both the history of the globalisation of English and the current state of play.
What are the varieties of English beyond the US/UK binary? How and why are accents so associated with stereotypes in English? How does multiculturalism and multilingualism affect the teaching and learning of English – and the practice of teaching in English?
The bowler hat and the London bus are one way into English, but there is so much more to it than that. This course is designed to help participants enrich their own teaching as they gain a practical understanding of this global language.

Learning outcomes:
- Gain awareness of the diversity and the varieties of English
- Embrace and strengthen multiculturalism and foster critical and cross-cultural awareness in the classroom
- Learn new approaches and activities to help you dive into using English as a global language with your students
- Understand why and how English became a global language
- Examine personal attitudes toward English as a global language and how to encourage students to examine their own attitudes towards English as a global language
- Apply activities for teaching English as a global language in the classroom

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Mobility and cooperation
Padova, Itaalia

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15.10.2023 > 22.10.2023
19.11.2023 > 26.11.2023

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Mobility and cooperation
Mobility and cooperation
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