Web tools for teachers

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Course overview and purpose:
There are many tools available on the web that can be used for educational purposes. We present tools with emphasis on their educational usage. After the presentation of each, attendees will create a simple project using this tool. These tools are selected because teachers and students can express themselves using them. The emphasis will be on the educational use of the application to achieve common educational tasks.
The course will start with the principles an application has to have to be used in an educational setting. Then we will continue with the applications presented above. For all the applications we will do the following:
− Presentation of each tool
− Educational usage of each tool
− Video tutorials and web pages will be used for some tools, when needed
− Attendees will do a simple project using each tool
− Presentation of 2-3 of these projects to the class as good practice
− Discuss and stress how these can be used in educational settings
− Brainstorming and discussing more ideas
Learn how to use the online application to create mind maps (mindmeister), posters (Canva), wordclouds (worditout), interactive image and video technology (Thinglink), timelines (Sutori, Timeline Knightlab), collecting student views (linoit, voicethread)!
During the course, attendees will learn to share their creations in all the applications. The Creative Commons (CC) licences will be presented.

Learning outcomes:
- Teachers will be able to demonstrate these tools in their educational context, but also be able to see which tools to use and how they can fulfill their tasks (evaluate). The detail will not be on the tools but on the tasks
- They will also be able to recognise the educational aspects of tools (appreciate)
- They will be able to demonstrate an awareness of the ways in which web tools create new opportunities for creative, collaborative activities
- Finally, they will be able to reflect on projects created

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Mobility and cooperation
Barcelona, Hispaania

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22.10.2023 > 29.10.2023


Mobility and cooperation
Mobility and cooperation
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