Visiting schools: seminars and learning in action

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Course overview and purpose:
Peer-learning visits are a valuable tool for the professional development of staff. They build a community of trust, open up classroom practice, and provide insights into effective strategies for a wider selection of good teaching practices and partnerships.
Participants will enjoy opportunities to meet and interact with local teachers, principals and students, to discover educational institutions and their school culture at various levels (primary, secondary, vocational, adult lifelong-learning, etc.), and experience a powerful and unique networking modality that will facilitate change and learning in a friendly forum through discussion.
Please note that this course should be included as a “Courses and training” activity in your application to Erasmus+ Key Action 1, as it is a high-quality combination of school visits, seminars, workshops, facilitated interactive discussions and self-reflections.
We will research and select a number of appropriate host schools for the visiting team and organise seminars, workshops and group activities, as well as prepare and debrief visits and presentations, andfacilitate the exchange regarding education systems, the culture of the host country, and educational topics of general interest.
Participants will have the opportunity to deliver presentations about their education system, their school, their town, their country and their ideas about future Erasmus+ projects. Ideally, school visits should foster increased sharing and learning partnerships, and potentially form reliable partnerships leading to possible future Erasmus+ projects.
Participants will learn from each other and share best practice and ideas beyond the classroom so the impact can be felt school-wide and internationally!

Subject to COVID-19 restrictions and local regulations.
Dates and location may be subject to amendment according to the school calendar year of the country visited. Changes might be needed to make up for time lost due to unforeseen or changing circumstances which might be out of the reasonable control of the receiving organisation.

Learning outcomes:
- Share good teaching practices
- Learn about educational organisation and management of learning in different countries
- Observe what works in other schools
- Discuss the nuances of the host school’s design and implementation
- Acquire new knowledge about the school-improvement processes

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Mobility and cooperation
Padova, Itaalia

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12.11.2023 > 19.11.2023

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Mobility and cooperation
Mobility and cooperation
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