English language skills for teachers – Level 2

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Course overview and purpose:
Are you a teacher looking to improve your English in an international environment? Then this is the perfect course for you!
You will learn how to use English so that you can talk to your colleagues from all over Europe, learn new vocabulary, revise grammar, learn how to write emails, improve your speaking skills and lead international meetings.
Our English-speaking teachers are equipped with innovative, creative and interactive teaching methods: learning will be enjoyable, easier, faster, stimulating and fun!
You will explore the local culture and history and engage in dialogue on topics of relevant interest to teachers and share experiences and resources with colleagues from all over Europe.
The course ensures the right balance between grammar topics and conversational activities, and will reflect the level, skills and topics relevant to the group. The exact content of your course will be based on discussion with you and other participants before and during the course.
The course includes networking activities with your peers from all over Europe! You will reflect on your profession in a more critical, productive and enthusiastic way and compare different learning and teaching practices to transfer into a concrete resource you can use in the classroom: meet colleagues from all over Europe and make new contacts and build lifelong friendships!
The “English language skills for teachers – Level 2” course is for teachers who have Upper-intermediate (B2) or Proficient (C1/C2) language levels.

Learning outcomes:
- Improve your English vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills
- Build greater confidence in using the English language and awareness of intercultural communication concepts and related activities
- Improve your discussion skills on a range of social and cultural themes
- Share teaching resources and experiences in an international environment
- Network and build strong relationships with colleagues from all over Europe
- Explore amazing local culture and history

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Mobility and cooperation
Padova, Itaalia

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24.09.2023 > 01.10.2023
12.11.2023 > 19.11.2023

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Mobility and cooperation
Mobility and cooperation
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